all text gone after changing interface

After I changed the interface language into german, i can see no text anymore. The color of the editor and the binder changed into grey. The number of chars and words is still shown but the text is gone or invisible. Restarting doesn’t work, removing the scrivener package and using a new installation of version and doesn’t work too.
Maybe it’s just some kind of setting that’s changed and I’m too stupid to recognize what it is.
Hope somebody can help.

I actually had this very same issue after installing the libaspell packages to fix spell check. The text isn’t gone, it’s just the same color as the background. Super easy fix! Go into tools> Options and click Defaults. This will reset all of the colors. It will also reset your language preferences, So be sure to change those back and any other settings you needed.

And once you get things set up the way you want, you can save your preference file someplace safe. Then if it happens again, just reload your preferences and everything’s instantly fixed. As an added bonus, you can share preference files between linux and Windows versions of Scrivener.