Allow to add ALT text to images for ePub compile

Hi there,
Please allow to add meta data to images for ePub compile. This is especially important for alternative or alt text for assistive technology … also a KPD requirement :).

Accessibility: For accessibility, all images must have text in the alt attribute in the HTML tag. For decorative images, set alt = “” or role = “presentation” in the image tag so that it can be ignored by assistive technology. Alt text should be short, concise and specific. Alt text should provide a description of the image and it’s meaning in context as appropriate. For linked images, provide the purpose of the link rather than description of the image in alt text.

Thank you!

P.S. I have searched the forums but have not found anybody who knows how to do this … I’d be super happy to be contradicted and told how to do this!

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This seems to have been posted before this conversation where techniques are discussed, and as noted there in the linked conversation, it’s simply not something we can easily add.