Alpha order Chapter in Document view

I have a long list of chapters that are actually subjects, would be convenient to see them in alpha order while working (and custom order later).
How can I sort them alphabetically? I see I can do this in outline but it does not carry back to Binder.

That’s because the Binder represents the actual structure of your project – when it is compiled, this is the order in which it will come out.

What you can do is create a new collection that adds the folders and documents you want to view and sort them into your desired order in the collection. Note that this will flatten out your hierarchy. This won’t as far as I know auto-sort, but you can at least move them around and have them stay where you put them, and view them in the same area of the screen the Binder is in (while being able to toggle easily back and forth between the Binder and your collection view AND still use the outliner).

If you want to permanently change the Binder to match the Outliner order, select the rows in the Outliner and drag and drop the selection back to the appropriate Binder folder. See Section 8.3.5 in the Scrivener manual.


And for simple alphabetical sorting, there is a shortcut for doing that:

  1. Select the folder you wish to sort its contents for.
  2. Use the Edit ▸ Sort ▸ submenu, and select the sort order you prefer.