Alphabetical keywords

I find it curious that when keywords are alphabetized, lowercase and capitalized keywords are not integrated, but are split into two series, what really amounts to different, unrelated lists.

I know it’s not unheard of to alphabetize in that way, but I’m unable to find any advantage to it in this case. I can’t offhand think of any other place where I encounter it in routine computerdom. Explorer doesn’t work that way, nor does Scriv’s Binder, when items are alphabetized.

It’s especially off given that, when an existing kw is already capitalized, and you then add the same word, in lowercase, from the Inspector’s kw pane, the case difference is ignored, a second kw isn’t created, and the capped version is assigned to the document.

Proper names will almost always be capitalized, but other terms may not be, and as the keyword list gets longer, finding items can get inconvenient and require unnecessary scrolling (in a window that doesn’t retain either size or position from one session to the next) through two end to end lists, rather than one.

Thanks, I’ve added that to the list.

Thanks, MM.

What would be neat is, if it was possible to scroll through a focused keyword window by typing the letter of the kw you’re looking for, like how font lists do.