Is there a way to alphabetize folders, and when a folder is open the documents IN the folder?

Thanks for your help.


BTW: I have printed and read the entire manual, did the tutorial, and I find Scrivener to be very useful at collating data. I like the full screen mode the most. I do not however use or even like the index card metaphor. Just my 2 cents worth, please do not flame me. I think this is a wonderful program and I am constantly finding ways to make it better for me. I have been using it quite a bit lately.


Hi Luv2write,

Firstly, the index cards - I think Keith would be the first to point out that some like them, some don’t. Hence why there are multiple views of the same information - index cards, the outliner, or if you don’t like either, the binder + the files themselves… as long as you have a method that works for you, you certainly don’t need to appreciate or use every feature :slight_smile:

Onto the sorting. You will find a ‘Sort’ option in the Documents menu - you just need to select which folder to sort first (and I have not tested if it sorts nested folders, but I suspect it would not). But please note, the sort is permanent, not temporary, so you should only do it on folders that do not have a set order (eg. I often do it with research folders, but never with the draft).


Thanks Matt.

That was exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate it.