Alt+Shift+P (Page View) causes a crash in Scrivenings View

As per topic title. Page View is greyed out if you are in Scrivenings View, but when I hit the key combo anyway, Scrivener locks up, hogs so much system resource that Spotify stutters, and has to be killed.

(It also seems odd not to be able to use Page View in Scrivenings View anyway.)

  1. I don’t experience a crash.
  2. My chapters are folders and the narrative is files in those folders.
  3. Clicking on the Chapter in the Binder in Scrivening mode, I then click in the editor of the first scene and use Alt+Shift+P to show the scene in Page View.
  4. Scrolling down, the next scene shows up starting on a fresh page, not in Page View, but Alt+Shift+P successfully switches it, too. The fresh page jump between scenes remains as part of the display, which is somewhat disorienting.

And so on. The experience appears incomplete, an idea pursued to a point and abandoned, hence the greyed-out menu option in the menus.

I don’t use Page View, but this is my test result in Windows. Perhaps the keyboard shortcut should be aligned to the menu option until the experience can be refined.

Clicking on the Folder and files in the Binder changes nothing.

I concur with no crashes
This view only appears on single pages if use toolbar icon for page view, or menu command. The keyboard shortcut does not work.
Your page view settings are based on the File>Page Setup settings. Did you set an unusual setting for this.
The Keyboard shortcut does not work for me at all. May have another program interfering.
Windows 11 pro, latest Scrivener version.
I also don’t use page view.

Did you try it with your cursor in the Editor?
That worked for me.

Yes I did, but must be something interfering, did not work with cursor in editor, but works with toolbar icon.

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Thanks for the report. Page View is currently not workable in conjunction with Scrivenings mode on Windows, which is why the menu option is disabled; the shortcut should also be disabled, and I’ve filed that for the developer.