Alt+Tabbing with Scrivener

If I am writing something in Scrivener in non-full size mode, then Alt+Tab to a different window, and back to scrivener, I can continue typing.

In full-size mode, I will have to click on the line I was at before I can continue typing.


I’m assuming you’re talking about full screen mode? It looks like the insertion point disappears, but if you start typing anyway it does seem to remember where you were at. This isn’t ideal, though, obviously, and there seem to be a few other issues as well–the Esc key doesn’t work to exit full screen until you click in the page and get the insertion point back. I’ll make sure this is on Lee’s bug-fix list. Thanks!

In my case, it doesn’t remember where I was at when I type away. For example, I now typed on +/- line 15, alt+tab out, alt+tab back in, then just type, and the writing now appears somewhere in the first quarter of line 2. I repeat the same thing again, but while doing the original typing at line 20, and again it starts off on line 2, at the same place as before.

Perhaps this is only a problem with some preference settings ?