Alternating Outline row colors misaligned

I’ve just noticed that when I enable alternating outliner row colors (Preferences>Appearance>Outliner), and I disable everything but Title and Synopsis, the rows are misaligned. At best, the descenders on one row overlap the next row’s color. At worst, it seems about 1/2 of line’s text overlaps.

It seems to be more pronounced the fewer columns you have. If you select a row, you can see the selection doesn’t line up with the alternating row colors.

My system is Mac OS 12.6 on an M1 MBPro.

Edit: It seems it’s to do with my theme? If I use the default theme, everything lines up properly. I’m attaching the exported theme file in case that’s helpful. Weirdly, when I go to save the theme, I get just the text of the export window, with an “invisible” background. I was able to work around that though by exiting full screen mode. (28.9 KB)

It looks like outliner backgrounds are somewhat broken in macOS 11+, in that the alternating row look was changed to that new BubblesGalore look (that Apple is presently so fond of for alternating rows) which is what you see for alternating rows when applying Default Light. So from this, it seems the bubble design was only created for one single look of how one might use Scrivener, but the various offsetting around the cells was applied to everything. So much as changing the outliner background colour creates this effect, which means even Dark Mode has offset issues.

As to the dialogue box malfunction, I’d run a quick reinstall before digging into that any further. Not only is the background missing, but the rest of the “sheet” look isn’t working right—it should be dimming out the Preferences window, and the dialogue should be in the middle of it.I don’t see it on macOS 11 at any rate.

Did you try it in Full Screen mode? That’s where the issue appears for me. FYI, if I choose to Save Preferences, that dialogue doesn’t seem to have any issues; it’s just when I choose Save Theme to file.

I tried a re-install and that didn’t work, though I didn’t try to throw out any of my settings. I have tried OPT-clicking on File->Close Project and Clear Interface Settings, but that didn’t help either.

Yes, I did try from full screen mode, but I was also trying from macOS 11. My mac cannot install 12. The UI is similar enough for most drawing issues to reproduce, but this might be one of those cases where it doesn’t.

If you spot it happening anywhere else, that would be good to know. There aren’t too many cases where that kind of thing happens though, where the modal sheet is not a file dialogue.

I’ll flag it for investigation at any rate.

For whatever the data point is worth, I’m also not seeing the issue with the dialogue box when selecting Save Theme to File from full screen on 12.6.1, even with the particular sample theme supplied upthread.

Given that @Rdale, maybe share any accessibility settings in System Preferences that are off of default, and check any utilities that might impact window management and see if switching them off makes a change.

I’m not sure if this was the fix (I should have re-tested the issue before making changes), but after I turned off Accessibility>Display>Reduce Transparency, the Save Theme overlay now looks and acts normally. I turned the Reduce Transparency option back on, and the issue does not re-appear.

I haven’t upgraded to Ventura yet, and I haven’t rebooted since the last time I experienced the window drawing issue. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the update; probably just some transient OS glitch then. I almost always have reduce transparency turned on to keep things visually simple, but have never seen it that I can recall.