Alternative to One-Note

Since MS do not appear to have any intention of porting one-note to the Mac, I looked round for alternatives and came across this:-

Whilst I’ve previously not heard of GrowlyBird software, the product appears to be a decent enough one-note clone. Whether it will ever be developed sufficiently to perform syncs with iCloud/DropBox etc remains to be seen. An IOS implementation would, I suspect, remain something of a dream unless Notes sold like hot cakes and there was a proven demand for it.

CP Notebook it is a bit clunky and, MS OneNote is one of the few things I can envy Windows users for…

NoteBook may have a different approach from OneNote, but it is the original model “imitated” by Microsoft. It is very flexible, even if I agree it could receive some refreshing after so many years.

If you like freeform, you can also give a look to Springpad. I think it’s brilliant, even if it might not be what you are looking for.


In note-takers I look for these elements:
font choice, rich text, displays web sites, jpg/gif files, folder hierarchy, exports/syncs easily

My personal rank-order list for the Mac:

  1. Scrivener: its Research folder is the best organizer, by far
  2. DevonNote or DevonThink: (similar apps are Yojimbo and Circus Pony)
  3. EverNote: (good in all respects save web display and export)
  4. Notational Velocity: (fast and syncs with SimpleNote)
  5. SimpleNote: (no rich text, but browser-based and brilliant on Chrome)

It’s a crowded field, and many will have other favorites.
Here’s a complete list: … n_managers

PS: I agree that SpringPad is worth trying. So is WunderList.
Not used them enough to say more.

Pretty old list that, but still useful :smiley:

CP Notebook could do with a complete revamp as could NoteTaker - a similar app. As I recall both originated on NEXT.

What I liked about Growly Notes is the ability to create horizontal tabs with individual items listed down the sidebar; similar to OneNote which seems to have got it right. Add in the seamless cloud sync ability and MS are onto a winner.

Yojimbo is OK (and simple compared to DevonNote which for my usage is overkill) but at present BareBones are having a great deal of trouble working through iCloud sync and, at present the iPad version will sync over WiFi but won’t allow direct data entry.

Really the perfect note taking app is the one that works for you.

In my view, the best choice as a OneNote replacement on a Mac is Curio. I wrote about that in the review I did for Mac Appstorm. If you’re interested, you can read it here: … -projects/

I reviewed the newest release just last month. You can find that here: … ts-better/