Alternatives to Dropbox?

Apologies if this is a subject that’s been covered at length – all the threads I’ve found on it were some years old, and I’m not sure how reliably up-to-date that info’ is, especially considering the Beta.

I’ve been using Dropbox to sync with Scrivener for years now without any conflicts or errors, but my current computer flat-out refuses to install Dropbox at all, and so I’m tasked with finding an alternative. I’d rather not have to use Google unless I absolutely have to, and the info’ I’ve read seems to indicate OneDrive is a little complicated to get working with Scrivener. The best alternative I’ve found so far, pCloud, has resulted in some conflicted files in my Scrivener projects, so that one seems to be out as well.

Are there any non-Dropbox cloud services that work as easily and efficiently with Scrivener as Dropbox, or should I start looking into other methods entirely?

I use Sync ( to share projects with my collaborator in China, where Dropbox is blocked and Box is not available. The bods at Sync say it is not suitable for Scrivener projects, but we’ve been using it for about 5 years with very few problems. Occasionally we’ve had conflicted files, but that’s almost certainly down to periodic slow internet connections.

I’d say give it a try; 5GB free account.



We do not recommend Google Drive, as it has known issues with Scrivener projects.

Conflicted files can occur with any service, including Dropbox. This article discusses best practices to reduce the risks of these errors: … c-services


Thanks, both! I’ll definitely take a look into Sync, and have the linked advice page bookmarked for ease of reference – thanks again! :slight_smile:

Rather than rushing out to find a Dropbox alternative (which there aren’t really) I’d be looking at why Dropbox won’t install. The requirements in terms of equipment spec are fairly minimal, so I’d expect that not to be the issue.

As for Synch, if they say their service is not Scrivener compatible I’d take their advice. Just because one person has managed with ‘minor’ issues doesn’t mean you will have the same experience.

Have you contacted Dropbox support?

Do you use it for live projects or do you exchange Scriv backups (= zipped projects). If the latter then I can see why it would work since you would be syncing a single file. Not so sure about a live project with its multiplicity of files, especially as their tech support does not recommend it for use with Scrivener.

We use it for live projects. I keep zipped backups on Box; I have no idea where she keeps her backups, though I imagine it’s the default location.

I read it that the Sync people are saying, “We’re not actually interested in working with multi-file projects like Scrivener, so we’ll say it’s not suitable because then punters have been warned and if they get into difficulties they can’t come running to us for assistance.”

I’m pretty sure the few conflicts we’ve had have been the result of one of us not waiting long enough before shutting down for the sync’ing process to be absolutely finished … at least half of them have been a (comparatively simple) matter of the user.lock file being left on the server.

The others, where conflicted documents have been the issue, the system for resolving conflicts on Mac v. 3 has always proved so robust that it has been easy to resolve, though I’ve needed time to check—she gets me to do that.



I’d agree about trying to sort out why Dropbox won’t install. If we could, we’d be using that—going through a VPN is not an easy option for her, it seems, and I’m led to believe the GFWoC is continually seeking out and blocking VPNs.

We originally used the late lamented Cubby, but sadly we’re forced to find an alternative and it was another Scriv user on these forums who posted about using Sync; it’s too long ago, and I can’t remember who it was.



Yep! And gone through all the countless steps to try and figure out what the problem is. Dropbox says it’s a Windows problem, Windows says it’s a Dropbox problem, and neither company’s troubleshooting or suggested fixes have worked. Best guess is it’s a glitch with my GPU and/or graphics drivers, as Dropbox was giving me OpenGL errors pretty consistently before it refused to reinstall (and all the various driver updates, rollbacks, reinstalls, etc., did no good for either issue), but since Dropbox is the only thing affected, giving up on it entirely seemed like the most productivity-efficient option at this point.

Your point about the Sync people not being interested in working with multi-file projects like Scriv is probably correct. I would guess the bulk of their market is on Windows systems in which case Mac package files would be of little interest.

I do use Sync but only for zipped backups. So far I’ve managed to keep within the ‘free’ DropBox limits with the help of a few referrals from the early days. Sadly I’m running up against that limit so I might give Sync a try for live projects and forego any use of iOS Scriv. I have used Box in the past with no problem but maybe I was just lucky :slight_smile:

Really wish Scriv and iCloud would play nicely - 78p/month (varies with £/$) for 50Gb is a fair deal for folks like me who only need to sync a few live projects.