Am I a Writer?

Hi everybody

I’m really shining new here or everywhere. I stumbled in here when I was looking for a good writing program. Have been testing scrivener now couple days.
I just finished my “book”… well, a sea adventure story 390 pages on paper back form. It still needs going thru’s so I don’t think you can call it a book just yet.
I have written earlier one poem book and self published it. Just a small batch of books. So can I call myself a writer?
I have never wrote anything this long that I 'm now working. So I hope scrivener will be a big help for me now.

Hi NsKu, good to see you here. i am new here too. Hopefully i will learn some good tips about professional writing here because i am a novice and still trying to finish my first novel which i started some years back. Its a fantasy/adventure novel . The main inspiration for me to start writing was J.K.Rowling J.R.R.Tolkien.

Hello Carly Swinson

Im here exactly that too. Its good to hear voices outside your own world when you are writing. Biggest question for me is how do I know if Im good enough.

I guess that when you start your write down a very first word - you are writer. The question is how good you are?
Anyway, don’t focus on that and do what you love.

Found this article, maybe it would inspire you

That was interesting article. I have always thought to be a more a reader than writer. I have written poems, but a book is different. I have to say I have enjoyed writing as much reading a book. And its sounds weird, because its my story. So do I sound too self-absorbed?
Is it normal to be so in your own story when you write that you actually laugh, cry or feel some other feelings that is going on your characters? Because that is the readers prerogative, but is it a writers?
Is it alright to feel sad when you get your story finished?

Hello, nice to see you here. I’just loved adventure book but I don’t have any idea to write about it. Hope you be sucessful. :smiley:

Hi NsKu, you must have spent a lot of time and effort on your book. Has it been published yet and can you tell me the name of your book?

vex 3

Sorry, haven’t been here some time :slight_smile: but answer to your question is yes, I have been writing this book about 2-3 years. Is it a long time? I dont know. Writing isn’t my day job, so I can’t write as much as I would like or would be maybe needed. But still going thru it, trying to polish it to best ways. I had in mind that I could have got it finished end of the this year, but now it seems its going to take more time. Book name is El Corazon: Devil’s Game.
About the publishing… lets get the book ready first :smiley:

I believe writing stories as a habit, even for yourself, with no intention of ever trying for publication makes you a writer. Being a writer is not something you become by passing a certain milestone, but something you do; writing. Belief in yourself and your work is paramount to good writing habits. Good writing habits mean lots of writing practice. I started to work for essay writing services to keep writing for the whole day. Lots. and with practice, even the poor writer will get better in time. Better writing, isn’t that every writer’s goal?

Thats a good point. In my twisted thoughts :wink: I always thought that writer could be only if you have been written at least once a book lenght story. The something that is a major effort for me. Which I never done, before now. I did write poems many years, it came to me easy, being short and so on. But now I think I have stumbled on something big, for me anyway. Because I have currently got one book lenght story ready, that Im going thru, correcting mistakes and so on and writing two continuing stories to it at the same time. Its has accidentally grown to be a family saga, which I never seen my self doing. The ideas comes popping in. For me its a weird feeling, because writing poem it stops quite quickly. Now there is so many things that you have to remember how the story goes, the carachters, what they do, say, act and so on… so writing has changed now, could I say its more serious now, in different way?

Oh, and one thing what I love on writing now is the “Heureka” effect that its giving me :smiley: For example: At this moment, I really didn’t know what function one of my character has, other than it’s starts the first book, and the character grows out from it’s comfort zone when story goes. But on friday, I got the “Heureka” effect. And this meaningless character is actually now playing a huge role. It ties together a whole story and the second and third book. Im not sure should I have planned this a head, but it never accurred to me and this is the point when on friday I suddenly got this idea, that it’s so simple and easy that it should have been one of the original plot planning. But it wasn’t and the best part. I dont have to change anything because of it. I can just write and it comes to be there. I dont know how others does this kind of thing, but this seems to be my way.

Im putting this under my first post that I wrote here “Am I a Writer?” so that I cant appeal to it when you shoot me down. About me, couple of words, most important that english isn’t my native language and I started to write english to learn it again, when I after school understood how much I had fogotten. I don’t know nothing about right way of writing, I’m a reader. I love to read. But, after I have been writing, there has been this ego boost that secretly thinks that, there could be real books from my writing, thats why I made the site, to see how it could look. So…sneak a peak freely