Am I nuts?

(Yeah, don’t answer that.)

Thinking of completely dumping what I’ve got and starting over. I like what I’ve got, but it’s not something you can spew on. It’s got an intricate plot that needs to be woven, in a sense.

Are you going for a tidy finish? If not, perhaps making sure all of the ends are knotted can be set aside and the whole thing so far can be worked into the story as a sub-plot. I had something remotely like that happen a few years ago. I got about 10k into something that ended abruptly, and it all felt too tidy to go back and expand what I had to flesh it out—it was really honestly a short story and nothing more. So I broke it up into a bunch of pieces, shuffled it around, and made it a sub-plot in the rest, writing a little connective tissue here and there.

Hrm…maybe I should keep plugging.

Unless it’s me that’s going nuts…isn’t the object of the execise to get at least 50Ks worth of a rough first draft down on paper. It can be as rough as a bear’s arse, doesn’t matter. I’d stop short of:
[size=85]Lorem ipsum dolor. Sit amet egestas. Vestibulum cras tellus. Ac orci natoque eleifend integer asperiores ultricies turpis praesent dolor nihil venenatis mauris lacus eu at nec adipiscing nascetur vestibulum a. Nostra nec feugiat justo eget odio vitae natoque dolor. In sed ut lectus viverra elementum. Proin nibh proident urna egestas nunc. Nunc ad nunc. Nam proin cras sed erat a mauris purus at enim ornare donec. A dolor a mollit dolor faucibus. Mauris pretium id. Molestie tortor sed. Sit consectetuer torquent. Erat tellus et. Dolor velit ligula in platea quam. In etiam inceptos arcu et tortor. Urna lobortis vestibulum quam.[/size] though. The NaNo credo: TURN THAT F*****’!!! INTERNAL EDITOR…[size=150]OFF!!![/size] :imp:

[size=150]Now get back to work!![/size]

Yeah, it’s the internal editor that’s got me so creatively constipated musically. Time to learn to flip it the bird and keep going…Hrm. Maybe spewing 50K words would be a good exercise.

The engine of a car, owned by an old lady, who only tootles around the neighbourhood at 25/30mph, will clog up with gunge and seize up… Every engine need regular high speed high running temperatures to stay in efficient working order.

Nano is your equivalent of a high speed blast along the motorway, or long straight empty blacktop.
Gets the synapses crackling and sparking.

I was doing just that this morning, along the M60 Manchester Ring Road, when I was transported back to the 1970s by … re=related
Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds is a 1978 concept album by Jeff Wayne, retelling the story of The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells.[1] I

Hope you enjoy it. Lovely but sad lyrics :cry:

Naw, not hugely sad. :slight_smile: My dad would blast his Moody Blues albums when I was a kid. Grew up hearing them. (And the self-titled Black Sabbath album along with a healthy dose of Uriah Heep. Hrm. Wonder what happened to his LP’s…)

So you are blaming feckless parenting, for you being a sloppy dresser…eh? tch!tch!

Too right … way back in the mists of 1964 I think, a year when my parents came back on home leave, my father sent the money to buy an old banger — 1947 Austin something, my brother found — my brother and I both having our driving licences by then, for the three of us to tootle around the lanes of east Kent, looking out the best pubs.

One aunt and uncle, also back on home leave to Bearstead near Maidstone, likewise bought an old car, though not for doing what we did, said uncle being an alcoholic! Actually, what he had found was a beautiful, gleaming, lovingly preserved and polished just postwar Wolsey, for only 10 quid more. Boy was I jealous …

But it had a problem. The reason it was in such beautiful condition was that it had belonged to a firm of undertakers, and was the car they had used to ferry grieving widows and children behind the hearse to funerals. It had never been driven above 5 miles an hour in its nearly 20 years of existence, and so there was my uncle, with this beautiful, apparently much more powerful set of wheels, unable to go at more than about 10 miles an hour!


Naw. It explains my exceptional taste in music. :wink:

Mark, it is possible that the Wolsey’s engine had a govener on it. Did you check it out? :laughing:

Our little impromptu off-topicking, is, as some would say, apposite.
You are wondering where your dad’s vinyl is, whereas, I’m on the brink of reacquainting myself with mine. Albeit, fleetingly.

I’ve spent most of this afternoon and early evening, crawling around a hellhole…the like of which, H P Lovecraft, in his dirtiest, dankest, direst, darkest mood could never have conjured up.

A few months ago, the house was re-roofed. The house already has 80% of the roof space converted to another bedroom/kid’s living/bedroom. Two thirds of the remaining 20% (front and rear) is used for storing, ‘stuff’, brought from our previous house. The hellhole is the remaining roof space at the side of the house.
The 80 yr old roof tiles were held in position on their respective battens by dollops of crumbling morter, which on the front and rear aspect of the roof, for the most part, slid down the ceiling boards, etc., and out over the side of the house’. Not so, unfortunately, at the side of the house. Tons of that shity morter, along with reams and reams of disgustingly dirty, dusty fibre-glass, now reside in that tight cramped roof space.

It goes without saying that I’m digressing here. What I set out to say , was that when I’ve…or if I survive cleaning out this hellhole, I’ll be retrieving, ‘stuff’, from the rear space. Some of that ,’stuff’, consists of one of these, a B&O4600Beocentre, from the late 70s: and a box of my vinyl. But there won’t be any “Ozzy” Osbourne, in the box, more like Simon and Garfunkel, and Boxcar Willy,
Anyway! Enough of this nonsense! Get back to NaNoing