Am I writing a Script?

I’ve been editing a project with a book format for some months. Recently I switched to a M2 Macbook. Now, some of the documents I create seem to have the format of elements of a script! At least, a menu appears in the bottom right-hand corner that includes Action, Character, Scene Setting… What have I done? And how can I stop this?? Document > Convert > Text to default… doesn’t change this. Scrivener 3.2.3

Check the menu:

Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode

Click to remove the check mark. The keyboard shortcut for this option is Command-8, maybe you hit it accidentally.

Thank you!

Maybe Scrivener is telling me it’s time to write that blockbuster movie. :slight_smile:


Your Hollywood muse might be giving you the nudge, but it is altogether more likely that you accidentally typed the key command that toggles Scriptwriting Mode.

My muse has been shattered! My metaphors have become mixed! :frowning:

But on a serious note, why would anyone want to turn on Scriptwriting mode in the middle of a narrative text? Especially since there is a General Text option within Scriptwriting mode.

We occasionally have people use script mode for ordinary dialogue, either because it makes it stand out better while they’re writing or because they are using some sort of unique narrative structure, such as a play excerpted within a novel. It’s also useful for interviews, transcripts, and similar material.

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FYI: You can assign a different key command to that menu item and assign it to something you are less likely to accidentally type. Apple menu > System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > app shortcuts.

Done that when I want to have more dialogue in my novel than usual as I tend to write descriptive heavy — think Charles Williams’ over-a-page-long paragrapg — and in some stories that is inappropriate. Switching to script mode is a very forceful onscreen reminder to write dialogue. Once the novel is done the first editing task is to switch off script mode and reformat the text into a conventional form.

Also my writing journal includes snippets for as yet unwritten projects. Occasionally those projects feel like they should be scripts and therefore I switch on script mode for theiir documents.