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Just wondered what people think about Amazon’s MatchBook system…it allows writers and publishers to sell at discounted rates or give away eBook versions of novels to readers who have bought pBooks.

I have chosen to MatchBook my Christmas novel for free…the reader has already paid for the novel in paperback format. Just wondered if other people have opted for discounting or offering their eBooks for free to qualifying readers. … =brkies-20
The Twenty-Five Deeds of Hanson Drake on … =brkies-21
The Twenty-Five Deeds of Hanson Drake on

An update, in the hope it might help other writers…

Received the first print copy from Amazon today. The print quality exceeds my expectations, although the header has printed up a little closer to the top of the page than in the PDF proof…might just be an issue with how the book was guillotined by the printer.

I ordered a standard 6x9 format. It has been put together very well and looks and feels like any other paperback.

From Scrivener to printed novel, the process was simple and painless. Indebted to the Scrivener team…I have given Scrivener a mention in the front matter.

I do love eBooks, but there is something special about holding your own novel in your hands as a printed book.

Cool! Would you mind posting some pics of the book here? I’d love to see.

Rog, just click on her WWW link. It’s there. :wink:

Aye, 'tis there alright, and a joy, too!

Also I found a neat tip to make the Kindle/PC app work on me SolydXK Linux machinery, and near flawless it is. So to MS & ilk who’re pullin’ the plug on me XP come spring … I join with Opus 'n the Penguin-kind when I sez: “Phfffffft! to yer, MS!”

So I went to Amazon’s jungle and got me a download of her delightful tome. Now it seems I’ll get little sleep this night fer readin’.

Funny how it all comes back to Scriv, now, ain’t it?

Happy Holidays, All! 'n may the turkey on yer table be the fattest thing there! 8)

“Twenty-five Deeds…” is a bit difficult to read, smiling and laughing through one’s tears. One won’t quickly put it down.

Had thoughts of the craftsmen who forged fine pens … who may have wondered what hands held their pens to write fine literature. Memories of the joy of a family who presented a new typewriter to their young student just off to university, hoping it would be the beginnings of a fruitful and productive life.

It would be easy to consider in this digital age that technology has dashed the humanity of craftsmanship on the rocks of corporate anonymity, but then I thought, “No. There are a few, a markedly talented few, to whom software is a personal effort, a devotion to create an evolved tool, an outlet for creativity.”

Well done, Scrivener.

I apologise for not replying earlier. Only just saw your request.

[attachment=2]A front.png[/attachment]
Front cover…(I know not everyone likes it/thinks it festive enough for an Advent story)…slight curl because of the thinness of the paper used. The image refers to the newspaper feature written about Hanson Drake (in the Prologue) called “Into The Sunlight With…” as well as the central theme of Hanson Drake looking to understand his place in the universe. I didn’t want an overtly Christmassy cover…the novel is a simple festive read on one level, but it also has greater philosophical and moral depths to it for those who care to read it in that way.

[attachment=1]B Back.png[/attachment]
Back cover.

[attachment=0]c curl.png[/attachment]
Shows curl more clearly.

Two more photos…

[attachment=1]d header.png[/attachment]
Header…guillotined close to the top of the page…closer than in the original Scrivener PDF and Createspace PDF proof.

[attachment=0]f ftlos.png[/attachment]
FLOS — For the Love Of Scrivener.

Agree with your sentiments about Scrivener…think we all do.

And that opening line: very clever twist, and more than kind. THANK YOU.

FWIW, an anecdotal update for any author who is interested…

Received an email from a reader who said that they had originally planned to buy The Twenty-Five Deeds of Hanson Drake in Kindle format, but elected to buy the more expensive paperback ( … =brkies-21) when they learned that they would get the Kindle version for free as well.

They also told me that they loved the book and had decided to buy copies as stocking-filler gifts for their family—but that’s just an aside that I couldn’t resist sharing.

It seems that Amazon MatchBook does impact on some people’s purchasing strategies.

Guess it is also important to remember that it is much easier to wrap a paperback and put it in someone’s Christmas stocking than it is to wrap and gift a Kindle book.

To promote the book, I am publishing the novel as an Advent Calendar…one chapter each day.

Managed to get 5000 page views yesterday, thanks to Twitter, Facebook, et al.

Hoping to get 7,500 page views for today’s chapter.

If any fellow Scrivener scribe feels like taking a look… … dvent-two/

…any tweets or mentions gratefully received.



Advent 2 target hit with 3 hours to spare.

Advent 3 now available. … ent-three/

Apologies for the shameless self-promotion.

Still publishing an Advent chapter each day on my website…if anyone is interested.

Got a review today which I particularly like because of the reviewer’s initial reservations:

A clever, heartwarming story not just for Christmas but any time of year. I wasn’t sure, at first, when I came up against some of the clipped. Single. Word. Sentences. But the style grew on me. Merged into the norm. And by the first few days of Advent I was hooked. I loved it. It was one of those seemingly simple tales like The Alchemist which makes you feel good. Great characters, lovely story and it would make a perfect film, TV or radio drama for Christmas unless, like so many commissioners of our programmes, you like tales of woe. Nice one.