AMD Driver crash using composition mode (windows 10)

Hello everyone,

Hope someone can help me, I recently upgraded my version of scrivener to 3.0 and when I am using it, in composition mode, the graphical driver crash.

Useful info that maybe could help anyone to figure out what is happening:
-I have upgraded the AMD driver and keeps crashing.
-I have isolated the program, I mean this happens when I am only using scrivener 3.0
-This never happened before (never with scrivener 2.0)
-I use a two monitor set-up (I don’t know if this is relevant, sometimes I have firefox open in the second monitor, driver crashes anyway).

Crashes occurs mostly when I am using it for a time (lets say 10-20 min, sometimes it holds longer) and always when:
-When I highlight some sentence or word.
-When I use right mouse button to select some word to be edited (or to add that word to the grammar).
-Always in composition mode.

Well that’s all, I will left here my system setup but if I have to add something more just ask, any help would be appreciated because I can’t simply don’t use composition mode.

cpu: AMD ryzen 3700x
16gb Ram
graphic card: AMD 5700 xt
Windows 10 pro, version 21H1