Ampersand used in label fails to render in menus

I created a label called “Notes & References.” In the right-click context menu, it doesn’t render. Default font is Segoe UI but I changed it and it still didn’t render.

It does render correctly in the Outliner. I am using a font called Tenorite.

I very much suspect this isn’t intended. Thank you!

I’m not a dev or any support, but knowing Windows, it’s not the question of the FONT. You can see that instead of " & " you are getting " _" - the & is being converted to mark the shortcut for this option. This might be happening because the context menu, in which you are looking in the first picture, is a Windows functionality.
This happened to me occasionally when using other utilities directly using basic Windows behaviours.

In the second one, you are using a drop-down value from a grid cell, which is NOT the same functionality.

srebrnafh is on the right track, so if you want to use an ampersand in your label name, use two of them, as in “Notes && References”. This will tell Windows to not use the leading ampersand as a shortcut key indicator.

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The downside is, && will be shown as && in the Outliner dropdown:
So you’d have to make a choice, where you wish this to show how.

I’ve seen the same issue in other software; I believe both Visual Basic and C# require double-ampersands for certain things. I just mentioned the font to preclude someone asking me to test that.

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