An alternative to NaNoWriMo?

This intrigues me. It has the benefit of not being in the same month as a rather busy holiday. I find, too, with NaNoWriMo I get frustrated with producing things that are crap, and without some sort of deadline, I never get started. (Like with compositions…if people don’t give me a date of when they actually need something by, it doesn’t happen.)

Anyone want to join me? I figure by then there will likely be a few more builds of Scrivener 3.0 to stabilise things.

What a great idea! 1000 words a day is more doable as well. NaNoWriMo has lost its shine for me since my Godmother died.

That is interesting. I’m not sure I’m all in though. While I dislike the frenzy of NaNoWriMo (which is why I never started one) I’m not really into publishing anymore. I wonder if I could maintain the detachment that I currently enjoy; not having to care if it is right or wrong outside of one day when much bacon is fried by many members of the forum.

I might join you for the first part though. As long as you can accept a collection of disconnected ideas and not a real novel. I will promise that anything I submit would be original for this event.

Yeah, I’m not sure I would ever publish it. I have less a series of ideas and more of a situation, a problem, and a setting. And a whole lot more research to get done.

Yeah I was only going to focus on writing and editing anyway. Surely, you can approach it how you wish?

There is plenty of evidence that I need CLOSE supervision. Close.

I’m not sure either of us are qualified to provide that. :wink:

The wife lets our dog provide supervision when she is out so I think you are ok.

So the boss lady is all “if it will keep you occupied, please do it. Just leave me alone!*”

So are we doing this here or there or am I just too lazy to read the directions?

*[size=75]What she really said was: You really like doing those things. You really should do it. I’ll find something to do that will let me take care of the stuff here while you write away. Have fun![/size]

If I’m understanding things:

January-March: 1000 words a day
April: Finish the thing, in case you fell behind, need more time, etc.
May-June: Edit.
July: Finish editing the damn thing.

After that, I’m not entirely sure what “prep” is for publishing. Not sure I’d do that step. I’d like something I"m not embarrassed to show other people.

ETA: Meh.

Perhaps it’s built in for those who will be self-publishing rather than going the traditional route? Graphics, additional editors, cover design, layout, etc.?

I’m leery of projects which begin like stock offerings or on-line dating services. (DISCLAIMER: Never tried either one.) This does, however, seem to involve fewer slippery slopes than those other two. So I’m tentatively in — though if it begins to play out like one of those interminable FB-style gigglefests, I’m back out.

I wasn’t thinking about actually using their web site, just doing something informally on my own. Use here for coordination? Or the unused NaNo forum?

More like a long NiaD then. And without the structure. Or the pig overlord.

Ok then. I’m off to forget about all this until someone checks up on me. Don’t be surprised to find me over here licking a window or two until then.

I believe I might give this a go. Same user name in that forum. At the very least it will be a way to justify fiddling with the new Scrivener 3 options for a full 90 days.

Vote for doing it here on the forum somewhere.

I’m totally doing this. Just finished NaNoWriMo today. This is my third year. I have still to actually complete a Final Draft. This time, though, I’m going to work on my character sketches over December and head right into January with 85k90 using this existing 50k of drivel I’ve just spit up and actually make it into something I’m not ashamed of :slight_smile:

So we on, even informally? It’s going to be Really Awfully Cold. Like colder than a welldigger’s neither-regions, so it’ll be good to start a project then. I still have no plot, no real characters mapped out, or a lot of the research done.

This looks like a good fit for me, so I’m signing up. Planning on using their forums for the weekly check-ins, but will also be checking here for the moral support from #TeamScrivener.

There is something wrong with the way 85k90 is thinking about things. They have a full year carved out a full year – “embrace the writing life throughout the year”. But there is something fundamentally missing from their writing plan. You will see it if you look at their calendar and imagine adopting the zealous plan of using this plan to write a novel a year at a clip. What is wrong with that imagined writer’s cycle of activity? Answer: there is no time in their schedule to figure out or plan their next novel.

85k90 fancies that it makes sense to start a novel project by simply writing it - 85,000 words of it no less. No thinking, no planning, no research. This most basic part of their calendar is a vestige of NaNoWrimo thinking.

Chop off some of the end parts of their calendar and let the winter be your novel prep months – some time to plan, research and imaginatively envisage your novel. However it is you do that.


P.s. And maybe they are also laboring under (what I like to think is) a popular misconception about “writers”. Really, you oughtn’t call creative authors “writers”. It gives the woefully inadequate impression that what authors do is just write. And this terminological habit likely gives misdirection and causes a lot of heartache for would-be authors.