An easy way to add numbering tags to multiple scrivenings

I recently discovered autonumbering tags and I just love them. I’m using Scrivener for editing long, complex, academic books; therefore, the book comes and goes several times, from Word to Scrivener, from Scrivener back to Word, and so on. Asking the authors to work with Scrivener is just not an option right now. So I wonder if there’s an automatic and easy way to add multiple tags to multiple scrivenings. For example, I add the tag both to the document’s name and the document’s title. I have to paste the tag to every single scrivening. Besides copy and paste, is there another way to insert this tags?

Thank you for your help.

Would adding these numbers when you compile be good enough? That’s the “typical” way of using them, since you have to compile to turn the placeholders into numbers anyway, and meanwhile it keeps codes out of your binder. The only thing I wasn’t sure on is that you mention adding a code to both the title and name of a document, what are you referring to with these, or maybe a better question would be: what are you currently doing to print headings in your work?