An editor font problem in Korean version

I use Korean windows 7, and have just updated to the new version 1.2.x., but found a bug not fixed. The default font in Korean windows 7 is ‘Gulim’, but I hate it and usually change it to other Korean fonts when editing on Scrivener. But whenever I reload the document, the font in the editor is not preserved; it is always changed to the ‘Gulim’ font.
When I change the default editor font to ‘Batang’ font (other than ‘Gulim’) and create a new document it opens with the ‘Batang’ font as the default one. That’s what we generally expect, and OK. But whenever I reload the document, the editor font is ‘Gulim’.(But the font size is preserved after reloading.) This makes me go to ‘Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style’ and get back ‘Batang’ font. I don’t find this problem in English fonts.
Why the editor fonts are not preserved and always set to the windows default font on Korean(or possibly other non-English) Windows 7?