Anansi Boys

Neil Gaiman.

Another good one, though there are a lot of similarities with his book ‘American Gods’. Now I’ve gone through most of the fiction on my ‘to be read’ shelf.

Want books…

Do you like sci-fi and have an e-book reader (or something that can otherwise read e-books)? Try the Wool serial, by Hugh Howey. The first one is a short story, concise and well written; you’ll be able to finish it a day or two. The rest are very good as well (the longest being the last, and well within the novella range). I particularly like how the first half focusses on a new character each time, emphasising the generational aspect of the setting, and then the latter half focusses on one character. I don’t want to say why, for fear of spoiling the larger tale, so I’ll just say that the series works on many levels. As individual pieces and as a greater whole.