And congratulations to Vic-K

There I was thinking he must be way older than me from his comments in a previous thread, and he’s not even 1 year older … 67 and still going strong, eh?

Well done Vic …

Mr X

and not looking too bad!

Happy birthday Vick! Enjoy the day!

Thank you Mark. We do our best. :wink:

True…true, and how astute of one so young?

Danke Herr S, vielen dank :slight_smile:

I’m off now, down to the village shops and making the day for all the old dears in the retirement home, en route. I suspect they take it in turns to keep a vigil, thereby ensuring that my passing by doesn’t go unnoticed.
As I approach, I oft times hear the lady picket’s clarion call to her sisters, demanding their attendance at the windows.
"He’s here! He’s here! He’s coming!
The squeals of delight emanating from within the home, is heart warming to hear.
As I pass the home, they’re all leaning out of the windows, demanding as one voice, “Hey! Big boy! Show us yours and we’ll show you ours!”
Of course, I don’t encourage such licentiousness, but nor do I discourage it. It costs me nothing, and it gives them such pleasure.
Ah well…'Once more dear friends…once more…eh? :smiling_imp:

Thank you all for your kind words…thanks! :smiley:

Have a good one, Vic. And I hope that pool party with champers and canapés goes with a swing, later on.

all the best!! thanks for the help on the boards!

Happy Birthday!

gets you a beer

A belated happy birthday, Mr K!

'tis tis tis bejeezys tis! :smiley:

Ahh… a man easily pleased :smiley:

A sainted lady…surely. :wink:

Which begs the question: is Kev on something; is he time travelling, or both?..or :open_mouth: I’ll just have to celebrate tomorrow as well. Ta muchly Kevin :smiling_imp:
Thanks to all and a pleasant evening to y’s! :smiley:
Sprog Vic

Just to be traditionally English …

“I suppose you’re going to get your hair cut now.”


Happy round-about, Vic-K! Seeing as how you’re all homeless now, stammering and fist held high at the TESCO that destroyed said home, here is my gift to you this year:

Martin, eggshell blondes have a, ‘Head polish’. 8)

Gee! Thanks, Ioa. Something I’ve always longed for:‘The paper bag, without the bottle.’ I’m touched.
Thanks lads :wink:

<stretches, yawns and wanders over to see what the noise is>

vic’s birthday? did i miss it? sorry vic.

happy vic day. hope it was full of mice, toys, and meat-flavoured biscuits.

aww bless y’, y’ little sweety. Ta very much :smiley:
Old Vic

I thought you were so old your birthday expired?

That they said act your age and you turned to dust.

That you don’t dream in color, you dream in “radio”.

That when you talk dust falls out of your mouth.

That when it was said “Let there be light” you flipped the switch.

That you still have a pair of Air Jesus sandals.

That you invented gator wrestling and you started this hobby by wrestling dinosaurs.

That you are not “over the hill” but rather over the hills, through the pass across the mountains and across the plains to trek across the oceans and come back again.

That your wooden dentures are petrified.

Oh well I must have been mistaken.

[size=200]HAPPY BIRTHDAY![/size]

:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

How often, as we make our way along life’s rocky, potholed, torturous and sometimes barely discernible path, do we find our communication skills lacking. The appropriate words are there, this we know, but oh…how frustrating when they are so tantalisingly just beyond our feeble grasp.

I’ll just have to settle for: Better late than never, I suppose. :smiley:
Thanks me old mate!
Methuselah :wink:

where d’ y’ gettem!! :laughing:

I go away for a little while and you go and have a birthday party without me.

Wishing you a belated happy birthday: round of Jameson’s on me!

Y’re a gentleman and a scholar, sir, a gen… :smiley: