...and the compile ran away with the spoon...

Hello fellow Scrivies…
Ok so this is a new issue I am having and going crazy trying to figure out how/why/who…

I have a manuscript. Written with the Novel with Parts template.
I worked on a section and now I want to compile the First Page Header and the first to chapters together in a word document or rtf file.

I’ve tried about ten different combinations with Compile but the only thing I can generate is a PDF file :imp:

Is this something anyone else has seen before? I’m I just spending too much time with Scrivner and my Macbook Pro? lol :question:

Using aforementioned MBP + latest version of Scrivner and Office for Mac (sad I know)

Any assistance would be great.

frustrated and facing deadlines.

The file format is selected with the indicated drop-down menu (it may be lower down if you have “All Options” shown).


Thank you for the reply. I think I may have not conveyed my my issue well. :frowning:

I can find the drop-down without issue and I can select any file type listed.
My issue is when I select any file type relating to Microsoft, such as DOC, DOCX, RTF, RTFD… The compile routine runs but when it gets to the converting document step… it runs… and runs… and well it never stops running. :frowning:

If I chose PDF or other types, it finishes in seconds.

I hope that clarifies things.

Hmm, although RTF and RTFD would not be included in this, have you tried disabling the Office converters in the Import/Export preferences pane? I’m wondering if perhaps something is jamming up the converter. I wouldn’t necessary recommend anything other than an RTF with that switched off, but testing the various formats without the Office converters on might reveal where the problem is.

Hello all…
Still coming up with nothing on this one.
Is anyone else having an issue converting a Scrivner Project to a word doc or docx format?
It seems odd that I cannot recall having this issue in the past and nothing has been altered on the machine other than normal MAC OS updates.

Any help or alternate suggestions would be great.


Have you tried Ioa’s suggestion in his preceding post?

A recent Java update for Mac provided a pre-release version that has some bugs in it. It’s possible that this is your issue with the doc/docx converters if you had enabled them.

Background and information on testing for the faulty java installation can be found here: macnn.com/articles/13/06/24/ … be.faulty/

Hello all

Ok so I have tried all suggestions, including checking my version of Java. I think I may just sit here and pout for a while lol

Thank you all for pitching in :slight_smile:

Java may be a red herring if RTF is involved in the problem. Could you describe exactly what happens when you try to compile to RTF? I get that it hangs at a certain point, but does it do so consistently at a certain spot on the progress bar, for instance? It could be that an illustration is hanging up compile, are there any included in the text of the work? If so you can try the old trick to narrow down the problem by compiling one section at a time until it hangs. Once it hangs you know that’s the section with the problem. It’s difficult to advise you on precisely how to do that in steps, not knowing what your Binder structure looks like, but the Contents compile option pane will likely be the best place to control this. There is a drop-down at the top where you can select an individual sub-folder to compile, or just good old fashioned checkboxes with the “Include in Compile” column. Whatever works best for you, work through the manuscript section by section until it hangs. If you find that any section hangs at all, then the problem is something else.

Also, if you can think of any graphics that might be inserted by the compiler (this is never done by default, so if you don’t know how to do this, you needn’t worry about it), it would be worthwhile to selectively disable them, too, and do test compiles. A corrupted divider graphic being inserted as a customer separator would be an example of that.