And The iPhone is as goog as I thought-Redux

This is a heartfelt invitation to wmarcy, from a very gobby member of those who hijacked wmarcys other topic, to please come back and tell us what you think of the iPhone. I for one am dying to know, and Ill wager my pension on it, that there are hundreds more.

Over to you W, only don`t take to long about it!!!

Looking forward to your reply!!!

Take care

as well as being GOOG as you thought wmacy, how GOOD!!! is it

Take care,

Mic Wic NicPic PicNIc sod it!!!


It would appear that Vic has been waiting with baited breathe. Lovely shade of purple he is to. Shall we wait till we notice a bilbous green tinge around the edges?


Good God! Haven’t you all heard enough about this candybar?

Since wmarcy is not about, I’ll vamp for him.

The day of the release, I went down to Champaign, IL to visit friends. There was an AT&T store there so I thought there might be a chance I could get one there as opposed to enduring the crowds at the Chicago stores. I arrived at 7pm and found a line of about 25 enthusiastic types in front of it. “Oh,â€


Sir! I feel scandalized; cut to the quick; deeply, deeply offended and shocked beyond belief, at the disambiguating prepositional phrasal application, of such immodest and intemperate language, used in your scurrilous implication that I would be seen dead or alive in anything ,"Purple edged in bilbous or bilious green. That sir, I consider to be an uncalled for and undeserved assault on my standing in the community as an aesthete, style warrior/ sartorial trend setter!!!

That assault sir, in a past era, would have resulted in me offering you the choice of weapons, in a duel. But since we now live in more civilized times (your behavior notwithstanding), I must content myself with informing you that: My colour of preference, is BLACK! Not! the black as in psychological black and blue bruising caused by hurtful innuendo and insinuations, but, as in BLACK LEATHER, with a, hot oily smelling, 1000 cc Vincent Black Shadow motor cycle, at the front gate, as a fashion accessory/statement.

Unless, as is the case at the moment, my wife is away for any length of time, in which case , I can avail myself of the more colourful contents of her extensive wardrobe. The way I see it, is: if she has reduced me to a state of penury, through her obsessional purchasing of such items, I, may as well make use of them.

E.g. as I write this post, I am wearing various items of my wife`s under apparel with black nylons and 6in patent leather stiletto hi-heels. Topped off with a pink diaphrarmous negligee.

Now then halfbaked! Does that sound like someone whose colour is Purple tinged with sickly green? No of course it doesn`t. Now then, your penitence is taken as a given and its articulation not necessary. And let me reassure you halfbaked, that, even somebody like me, a man who is never wrong, can be wrong sometimes. We are all, only human.

PS these panties of the wifes that Im wearing are cutting the sodding arse off me .

Dave, Iain

There is nothing about the iPHone, that Wor indeed you can tell me that I dont already know and have known for months, unless Apple have kept us in the dark , till now. Im more interested in what affect the things it can dohas onw

The Redux is, if you look closely, is an attempt by someone who feels that, perhaps a couple of very special things , inadvertently got crushed in the ensuing avalanche of heavily opinionated comments, made in response to w`s original post.

The first is avery fragile and human emotion, enthusiasm. The second, is ws right to free expression. Im not talking about his right to make his original post, but his follow on," full write up later." In the cacophonous exercising of our right to free expression, weve unintentionally created the conditions under which weve dissuaded , or caused wto become disinclined to …bother! We`ve butchered the original enthusiasm.

The redux is just my attempt at acknowledging that effect by way of reparation for that butchering and restoration of W`s original enthusiasm and to exercise his right.

I dont know if your response is an innocent attempt at humor, or a put down I hope its not the latter, but unless people who post to this thread, do so in order to endorse the simple but genuine sentiments being expressed, it will turn into just another example of opinionated


Um, Vic?

Too Much Information!




TAke care

Vic, I believe she is referring to the wife’s panties remark??? :slight_smile: Just a wild guess…

Smile Vic :laughing:

Black works well with both purple and bilbous green.



Actually, I cant claim the credit for that expression, it belongs to my wife, who, when ever the consequences of her hedonistic overindulgence in all things culinary, results in Un plus grande derriere, walks around the house , plucking at the elastic in her knickers, whilst muttering to her self, " Knickers are cutting the sodding arse off me." Im only grateful she doesnt wear those thong` thingies.

A similar expression was used by Kate Winslet, in one of the episodes of Extras only, her version was slightly more prosaic and cruder than my wifes. Not that my wife isnt capable of matching Kates; she is. Shes a retired teacher for God`s sake, and she has to put up with me, God love her.

Are we not stretching disbelief past breaking point. Are you a devotee/ groupie/ acolyte to and a worshiper at, the blood spattered sacrificial alter of the Goddess Nihilistica. Have you no shame.

Black + purple= classic colour combination.
Black + sickly green= classic colour combination

But!!! bilbous green+purple!!! Ughh!! PUKE!!!
Black+ bilbous green+purple!!! twice!! nay thrice !!! PUKE! PUKE! PUKE!

Its obvious we are never going to agree on what constitutes Sartorial Elegance. , on the one hand, I have my informed take on, LArt De S`habiller bien; whilst on the other: you have your jaundiced one.

Take care

I realize of course that this isnt central to the main thrust of the debate; its more of an aside really, but:

Whats your take on See-through`



On you ‘See-through’ it would be a classic.


What of the iPhone. Goddess or iPhoney. Please, o’ please let us know.


Well, maybe I should let Vic let you know . . . he seems to be on a roll.


I do have one. It is wonderful. Art, if you must know.

I just saw an advertisement for $600 pants. They don’t have an iPhone pocket—what’s the matter with them?


Touch-touch-touch-squiggle-the best part of the message.

So that’s where they live!

As I said earlier, it’s all like that . . . easy.

Problems and kvetches? Of course! But this is an extremely polished product right out of the gates.

Should you get one? Is it your birthday? Are the kids due to see the dentist next week?


Dave and Iain, or Rat Face and Shithead,

Do you two lame brains, really believe I cant recognize a, SET UP when I encounter one!!! Im 63 for feck sake !! Ive been swimming with Lifes barracuda types, most of my life.

I see it all now. I bet you two ner do ells, have been pm-ing each other, like a pair of sadistic bitchy teenage schoolgirls, texting oneanother about setting up some poor inoffensive, nerdy, book loving kid, the`ve befriended, in order to bury the kid in the mire, up to her neck.

What… a… pair… of…amateurs!!!

What you pair of miscreant are trying to get me to do, is; go on record, in open forum, as lusting after the, er…mmm,…yes…mm, should I compare thee to a summers day? … Thou art more lovely… and more temperate…Where was I? errrrrm, oh yes!! The iPhhhhh …mmm, surely a rose by any other name, smells just as sweeeet…emm!! emmm!!! sorry ,Ive got a frog in my throat,.... or could it be a lump. Anyway!!! youre on a feckin loser, you pair of airheads!!!

I dont know if you pair of emotional spastics, have ever heard the cry of the female American Bald Eagle; it goes something like: CHEEEACCACARRAAAAAA!!! I imagine for her prey, tis a chilling portent, of their imminent demise. If I were to reveal any desire to possess That which shall not be named, any sense of well being, I may be experiencing at that time, would, be rent asunder, as would I myself, ultimately be; as from her ethereal lofty perch, My Lady Amber v, Princess of Code, with a shriek of disdain and loathing, far more soul destroying than that of the She Eagle, launched herself into the ether and swooped down t`wards terra firma…and me!!!

I can just see it. As she slowly pulled me to pieces and reassembled me in to a replica of a large lump of Bison excreta, My Lady would be saying to me, in her most disambiguating fashion, “If you`re gonna act like it!! yer may as well look and smell like it!!! See where your puerile anthropomorphic fantasizing has got you!!!”

So my dear friends???..maybe… maybe…not; your treacherous behind the scenes, Machiavellian machinations, have served you to no good purpose, And do you know why? Because My Lady Amber, has told me, that I once made her laugh, and as my raison dtere is to cause laughter, then, My Ladys pleasure is more important to me than owning an iPhone. There Ive said it. No big deal. Youll have to return to the drawing board with your nasty little subterfuge, and try again

What a pair!!! UGhh!!

PS I do look good in see through actually, Cut quite a dash as it were.

. . . I have heard
That guilty creatures, sitting at a play,
Have by the very cunning of the scene
Been struck so to the soul that presently
They have proclaim’d their malefactions;

Having walked the world’s ways for a while, myself, I am confident that I have discovered a solution to your problem. The object in question despite its small size has heft. It’s not some flimsy, plastic gewgaw with crass and useless protuberances. The satin finish of the back, the smooth roll of the corners, and the polished face all echo and amplify the elegant solidity of the interior works. Easy to grasp but solid nevertheless.

Solid enough, you see, that carrying it would disturb the elegant drape of your see-through.

So, instead of fretting and vacillating between endless justifications and renouncements, you now just have two choices: cutting quite a dash, or carrying the object of your suppressed affections (service area dependent on carrier coverage; other restrictions may apply).


I know my course. These spirits that I have seen
May be the evil doings of Steve Jobs: and that devil hath power
To assume the pleasing shape, rectangular; yea, and perhaps
Out of my weakness and my melancholy,
As he is very potent with such spirits,
Abuses me to damn me:
To buy or not to buy: that is the question:
Whether tis more prudent in fact, to resist the urge, And thereby, in so doing; to avoid the wrath and talons, Of an outraged Goddess, my Lady Amber. For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come. Aye! Therein lies the rub. But not for me.--Soft you now! Tis my Lady Amber! Nymph, in thy orisons Be all my sins remeberd.
If so, cleave me to thy bosom, now!
Save me from the demon Choronzon,
Summoned from the Abyss, by the evil Lord of Apple,
To fill my mind with fanciful lustings,
Befitting only the witless.
Tis your shape my Princess that fires my ardor!
Not for thine slave, my Lady, this piece of tatty geometric ephemera.
Get thee hence, demon!! Begone!

Shall we depart My Love.