Animated GIFs Inside a Project?

I usually store my photos in the “Notes” section on the right side of the project, under “Synopsis”, I’ve used all manner of photos, but until today I’ve never used GIFs. I placed the photos inside the project, but when I attempted to take them out via drag and drop, they were no longer animated. Is there a way to keep them animated while keeping them in the “Notes” section?

I’d like to second this request.
I can get around the problem by creating a minimal HTML file in the same folder that links to the image then importing it as a web page but I don’t think the average Scrivener user is going to be fine with doing that every time and it doesn’t show as anything other than a blank document in corkboard view:


[/code]The cheapest way of implementing animated image support might be to keep doing everything the same but when someone selects .GIF/.PNG documents to display them in the document/synopsis panes, they're rendered inside a webview. You do no parsing work and pass the buck to the OS's own frameworks. Considering that APNG support quietly became standard for most browser engines despite PNG Group's own deprecation of it, this might be a good long-term solution for bitmap formats that potentially support animation.

I’m going to bump this topic hardcore because what’s the point of saying you can import gifs into a Scrivener project if they don’t play or get converted to something that isn’t the bloody gif???