Annotation markers dropped

It looks like annotation markers are being dropped. In the document below all the cartouches (I’m not sure what the right term is) are annotations. I’ve set the boundary markers for them to be <[ and ]> so I can easily extract them. However in some cases the closing mark is being dropped.

Is there some other configuration I’m missing or are there character sequences I should avoid in annotations?

This shows the results when compiled for preview, but the same problem occurs when compiled for text.

This looks like a bug when compiling annotations with a hyperlink in them. I’ve logged the report, but I realize that doesn’t help much with your current situation.

That said, I assume your particular purpose at the moment is related to your desire to have a separate list of the annotations as discussed in this thread, so I’m wondering if there might not be another option for you? For instance if you’re compiling to Word, you could compile to .doc so the annotations come in as comments, and then use a macro to extract the comments

Yes, this is a lateral arabesque on that thread.

Working with the Word object model is kind of a pain. I’m looking to automate everything from the command line. Of course I could save the .doc file as a .docx file and process the xipped up xml, which is much easier to deal with than the trying to use the Word object model.

Have you thought about adding .docx files to your output format? It’s much easier to deal with in post processing than a .doc file is.

I think what I will do is include the annotation markers in the annotation itself and configure the compiler to not create any annotation boundary markers. That way I can process a flat file with no dependence on how the Scrivener outputs annotations.

Assuming that this problem is fixed, is there any schedule for the next release?

Thanks though, I keep poking at finding a workflow that works for me.

Ah, got it. I wasn’t sure how much of Word was because you’ve got a good working process there and how much it was just a necessary step currently that you’d like to entirely be rid of. :slight_smile:

We do in fact have this, but it depends on Word’s libraries for the conversion process, so it is only available when you have Word 2007+ installed and have elected to use Word’s converters for the conversion process in the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options. After checking that box and restarting Scrivener, you should see .docx as an option in the compile menu. The problem with the closing marker for the inline annotations is still occurring there, though, just FYI.

I don’t have a date, no. There should be an update out soon with some fixes for some more high-priority bugs, but this may not make it into that one. Keep an eye on the beta testing forum; a build with the fix for this will probably pop up there before it comes out in an official release.