Annotations + highlights + documents + sentences = all in one place?

I apologize for my previous post. Apparently I didn’t make myself clear enough. I’ll try again.

My question is, how to combine in one place (within Scrivener) all bits and pieces that need work in a large text.

These bits and pieces can be the following:

  1. single text documents (can be combined as a collection or as project bookmarks),
  2. single words or phrases – can we mark a specific location in the text? I thought that placeholders can help, but they are something entirely different,
  3. annotations and comments – can be exported as a rtf, but I can’t find the way to list them within Scrivener, which is strange,
  4. highlights - no way to export them at all, no way to list just the highlights within Scrivener?

So… 1) and 3) are incompatible, 2) and 4) can’t be done at all?

Or am I not seeing something obvious here?

I’ve been following along, but think you are trying to do something that Scrivener isn’t designed to do. It isn’t Word or any sort of WYSIWYG word processor. You can get close, but Scrivener uses the “break the text down to it’s smallest size” mentality. Specifically…

  1. single text documents work as you stated
  2. doesn’t really work as the text document the line is in has no reference point (page number) to be pointed to
  3. annotations and comments are a part of the single text document they are referenced in and can be compiled with the documents. They are “generated” at compile time, so no single document until then
  4. highlights are simple color swatches on text. You can search that formatting, I think, but that isn’t what you are looking to do.

As I mentioned, there are multiple ways to get it done, but none of those ways are going to work as you expect within Scrivener because you are expecting Scrivener to do something it isn’t designed to do.

Precisely, from “break the text down to it’s smallest size” mentality I would expect much more flexibility. As in Notion for example: everything can be everything and can be combined in everything else. A single text block can be a page can be a checkbox can be a link can be a list etc.

You’ve been describing what you want adequately. Unfortunately, there aren’t the features in Scrivener to do what you want. Specifically, linking from one document into a specific part of another document isn’t something that you can do. You can put a Scrivener link in one document that, when clicked, will open the referenced document, but not a specific line in that document.

You can’t list (inspector) comments in a document, but you can list them in the inspector. A Scrivenings session of multiple documents stacks all inspector comments together, and are clickable ways to get to the relevant document/line in that document.

You can convert all in-line annotations into inspector comments if that’s a way you want to go.

So… it’s not your communications, or anyone’s lack of understanding; you’ve been getting advice on how to use the features that exist in Scrivener to keep track of the things you have marked/will mark as needing to be revised.

If you want all that gathered into one document in Scrivener, then the ONLY way to do that is Scrivener links, and making each passage that needs attention into a separate document in the binder. Some people actually do this, as it’s easy to split a document up and to merge those back together once the purpose of that split has been eliminated. But it’s not an approach that everyone can get behind, so I didn’t even suggest it originally.

I hope that helps, or at least clarifies what tools you have for tracking your edits in Scrivener.