annotations in PDF images not displayed inside documents


I’m using PDF annotations quite often to mark things in PDF graphs that is too combersome to mark in the stats program. Like stars. When I get the image into Scrivener, it is displayed correctly in the Research folder. However, when I drag the image to a document, the annotations disappear.

How come?

I attach screen dumps illustrating the problem.


This must be because the annotations are meta-data within the PDF document, although I’m not entirely sure. This isn’t a Scrivener bug, though, but standard OS X behaviour. The PDF view is handled by Apple’s PDFKit, and the way PDF files appear in the text are handled by Apple’s NSText system. So it seems that Apple hasn’t allowed for PDF images inside its text system rendering annotations added in its PDFKit. You will find the same thing if you drag such PDF files into TextEdit.

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