Announcing a new blog: Everything Scrivener

Hi everyone,

To repay my debt to Scrivener and the wonderful folks behind it, I have launched a blog called Everything Scrivener that aggregates news and stories about the application. You’ll find it at The basic idea is to serve as a clearinghouse for valuable information and insights that might otherwise escape your notice.

I just finished my latest non-fiction book, which tips the scales at 400+ pages, and I can’t say enough about the way in which Scrivener streamlined the entire process. Of course you know that – that’s why you’re all here!

This is my first blog, so feel free to comment or criticize (I’ve got a thick old hide) or just get in touch. I’d love to hear from all of you.

I hope you find something of interest at Everything Scrivener.


Barry Potyondi