Another Full Screen Bug - Videos Don't Mix

I was demonstrating Scrivener (Beta 1.5.5) to my wife and had started the scrivener demo video on the Scrivener website and then clicked to Scrivener application to show it in full screen mode and while I did this the video flickered through the veiled dark border. Nothing crashed but the behavior was very odd.
I’m using Windows XP Pro (SP3) and the video opened in the Chrome (8) browser.

This remains an issue with 1.6.

Curiously though it does not show up on a screen capture so I can’t attach a still.

Again, the bug appears if I go from a playing video in a web browser (max window) to a resized (not min or max) Scrivener window just in front of the video and then go into the full-screen mode the video flickers through.

However if I maximize the Scrivener window first and then go into full screen mode the bug disappears. :slight_smile: