Another newbie question can I use google drive for my backup folder?

I usually work on my desktop, and I have created a folder on my Google Drive that I copy my current project working folder and a copy of my backup folder to so I can access it from my laptop when I am away from my desktop so I can always be working on the latest version of my project. Now i noticed on other posts that people use Dropbox for their backup folder. I do not have a Dropbox account and really don’t want one. So my question is, can I use my Google Drive like Dropbox for the backup in case something happens to my desktop?
Thank you again.

Don’t use Google Drive for your active projects; it is known to screw them up big-time. Read the advisory here.


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Just to add to what @xiamenese wrote: You can use it for backups if you zip your backups. But otherwise, better stay clear of Google Drive.

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Thank you, guys. I was not aware of the issues with google drive.
So, I guess Dropbox is the only way to go?
I still copy my project and backup folders to a flash drive and copy them that way. but I was just looking for another way in case I forgot to use the flash drive. Thanx again.

For iOS, yes. For the Windows version, you can use OneDrive, IF you check the setting “Always keep on this device” in the context menu of all folders and files Scrivener uses.

Just to confirm, are you talking about “synching” between devices, or “backup”? Frankly these different things.

Thank you for the replies.
I am talking about backing up and not syncing. I am on win 10.
I have been having issues with one drive causing my computer to drag and slow down to the point where it was almost unusable until I uninstalled it and it started running normally again, so I don’t want to have it back. thank you

Also, I noticed that in my backup folder, all the backup files are zip files, So why does Google have a problem with it? Just wondering.

That will be perfectly fine. You can store your zipped backups on a three days old piece of toast if you want. What should not do is:


I save active folders on C drive of computer and zip backups on google drive. Yes have to unzip on laptop and delete old project folder and make new one from zip backup but safe. Worked well without issues for past 6 months for 7-8 different projects.

Where is the folder that /Scrivener/ is writing your backups to? What you say above makes it unclear if Scriv is (now) making backups to Google drive, or you are instead merely copying your backup folder over to Google Drive for some reason. (Suggestion: you don’t need a copy of your backup folder just to work on your active project on another machine.)

Yes backup is to google drive folder as zip backups.
Set in options panel> backups
Here is button where can browse to folder and designate as backup folder. Then zip backups could be extracted on any device.

Thanks, GDad, but I was asking @Tfmc.

Yes, zipped backups can go to Google Drive or just about any other cloud service and be just fine.