Another question on TOC

Thanks to those who helped me with a previous TOC question. It enabled me to successfully produce an ePub from Scrivener! Now I’m trying to create a second ePub, this time for a non-fiction book, and I’m struggling again with the TOC.

The attachment shows the structure of the book and my TOC goal. I want to retain the chapter numbering for the main chapters of the book, but not for the “back matter”. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

FYI that I also want the full TOC to be clickable in the ePub.

I assume you have tested not to have the “backmatter” as folders but as documents?

If I remember correctly I used ‘As is’ for my backmatter, which overrides the chapter counts.

No, I have not. Thanks for the tip, I’'ll give it a try!