another super list of fixes

Just a deserved compliment to Tiho and Lee, for all that’s clearly getting done each time these releases pop up.

It’s truly impressive – as is Scrivener Windows 3 in so many regards by now…

Thank you indeed


Agree totally.

Don’t let the naysayers distract you or get you down. 8)

Thank You, guys! Glad that you have noticed our efforts and took the time to mention it.

Please count me among the happy crowd too; you’re doing a great job and I’m really enjoying version 3

I registered just to agree.

I’ve been using the Windows beta for all my writing for months now, and I’ve had zero problems. Maybe the remaining bugs are in areas that don’t affect me - I do a lot more writing than compiling, for example.

Thanks very much to the Windows devs for giving us the best writing tool on the market, for zero cost. I looked at a rival system recently - $10 a month, every month, for a less-featured product. When the time comes to pay for Win Scriv 3, I’ll happily join the queue, I owe you.

I too fear I must pile on the accolades. I’ve been producing output with the Betas since the single digit versions. Any bugs I’ve encountered have been publicized by others far in advance of my own encounters with same. Occasionally I’ve mentioned one or two, but nothing has been earth-shattering to my dreams or expectations in my tiny writing world.

So, yeah, accolades piled on.

Seconding (thirding, fourthing, fifthing?) all of this.

You guys have done remarkable work with this beta – as someone who’s been using it pretty much since its inception, it’s been a joy to see it grow and evolve with each new version, and to (try and) help iron out the few bugs I’ve found. Looking forward to helping work through the remaining ones, and then being able to thank you monetarily for all your hard work. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say my thanks for the all the hard work you guys at L&L are putting in on this. It’s an amazing product and you guys all deserve medals!

I just wanted to add my plaudits to the entire L&L team. As a former software developer, myself, I am especially appreciative for what L&L has done to date, and are committed to doing henceforth.

First, the commitment by Keith and colleagues to stay with Scriv3-Win, despite the difficulties, delays, and cost overruns. Few companies, no matter their size, would have committed to keeping their word in this way, I think. That kind of integrity goes a long way with me.

Second, to Lee and Tiho for their dogged determination and professionalism in striving to make this product a reality. The steady delivery of fixes and improvements is head-shakingly impressive. Even so, over and above their technical prowess, their ability to keep their focus and spirit about themselves, despite the many problems and complaints all along the way, is perhaps even more impressive.

I used to joke with other programmers that the quality of a software product is inversely proportional to the number of developers involved in it. Kidding aside, I can cite several examples where small product development teams, left alone by their parent employer and meddling-minded division heads, went off and accomplished truly remarkable results that simply would not have been possible had the projects been assigned to large teams. I think that the original work by Keith and colleagues, and now the continuing work being done by Lee, Tiho, and all L&L developers and employees, are yet more examples of this phenomenon.

Carry on, folks. You have earned my trust.


I want to echo the thanks too. I already have a website about to launch and a research paper ready to submit for publication that were developed in the beta, so the wait for official release is at this point mostly a wait to be able to send some deserved payment for all the improvements, Scrivener had already become central to my workflow, version 3 is a more enjoyable workspace. Thanks for all the work and fortitude.

I too, want to sincerely express my appreciation for the work the programming staff continues to do. I used to be a programmer, then a programming manager, then a web developer, so I feel like I understand the challenges posed by the Windows environment.

For that reason, I really appreciate the dedication of the L&L staff to putting out a quality Windows product.

Now, I’m a full time thriller writer, and I do all my outlining and writing in the Scrivener beta. This has become an essential tool of my trade. As a result, I’d happily pay far more money for this than the actual cost. (don’t get any ideas!) But I really appreciate and respect the goals of the developers to provide us with a quality product at a quality price. I feel this way ESPECIALLY after Adobe decided to hold their customers for ransom by abandoning the years of investment in their products that customers had already made, and forcing them all on a subscription. As a result, I’ve abandoned Adobe completely because of their betrayal.

May I suggest one idea: I have been writing all my professional work in the Scrivener beta for months now; it’s that reliable already. The only fear I have is the thought that the programmers might have a personal tragedy or other problem that might cause them to miss a beta deadline, which would essentially cut me off from my latest book. (which is overdue) Each week, I nervously compile a Word document of my writing, just in case the Scrivener beta locks up.

Why not offer us hard core users the option to buy the new version in advance of its final release? I’d gladly do that, since I’ve already been using the product for months. That way, we could unlock the beta and remove the need to update each time. (and remove the worry) It would also give us a way to express our appreciation to L&L in advance of release with a monetary “thank you.” Elon Musk has used this tactic to great success at Tesla, by leveraging advance purchase deposits to help finance further development.

Just a thought. Finances have to be getting tight . . . give us a way to thank you in concrete terms.

Hi Klester, just FYI, this question has been asked and answered “no” by the developers a number of times in the beta forum, for instance, see this post from 3/11:

[url]Please allow us to purchase a license for the Windows Scrivener beta].


Many of us would love to toss some coin L&L’s way after all their hard work, but per above not feasible. Hopefully it really is just (a few) weeks, not months before we start smashing piggy banks.

Well, guys, so far as you are so perfectly satisfied with the product, I am not sure why don’t you consider purchase of the full version 2 for Windows right now, before the version 3 final release? It is $45, so by buying it, you will: (1) get your full license for Scrivener 3 beforehand; (2) express your gratitude to the developers by paying $20.5 more than the price of the update (i.e. 45% discount), (3) help these brave and smart people to survive and go on further improving your favourite tool. So simple. (I just did it in some March 2018.)

This is a very good suggestion from @biblioman, as far as supporting the Scrivener team if you haven’t purchased already, certainly deserved.

The nervy questions about Beta time limits are actually reasonable in current days, but I think there is a better answer to that, which the Scrivener 3 Windows team are taking.

There is not just one developer, and the illness doesn’t have any pattern of immediately incapaciting as far as I understand it.

Thus, it would be no problem at all for a non-time-limited release to be put out by them, should an unfortunate need arise. And I think that is the path they are taking.

I can say in complete professional knowledge that with modern development tools, there is always a small-step by step permanent record of every action the designers take – every feature, every adjustment, every bug fix, every tried and set aside idea as well. Everything they make, they record in all detail.

In fact, the exact software code for the point of the last successful release, which you would have in your hands, can be returned to in moments, where the time bound could be taken out in another moment, a marking version assigned, and then in a few more minutes, the whole thing released to the world.

Your automatic notification inside Scrivener, and/or the notification on this forum area would get you to download this permanent version.

It’s that simple, that dependable — and then as everyone recovers who needs to that’s involved, the same forward development that we have, would pick up again.

Thus I think Scrivener as a group are managing very well, in realism to their and everyone else’s potentials and situation.

We will without doubt look for the best, wish everyone to be entirely safe, and to be minimally involved as the wave of our historic moment passes and goes, wherever they are.

Continuity of our thoughts, all of us, is our great strength and actual comfort in this, and to keep all parts of activities in the world moving forward is a great part of this, isn’t it?. We make things work, and so they do.

Fine thoughts to each, and their own especiallly, to each of our friends on the Scrivener team.


Thanks, @narrsd. Just in case, the suggestion was not only for those who have got no any license yet, but for those (and mostly for those) who own an old license for Scrivener 2, i.e. eligible for the update discount. Have got one old v2 license and happy of the v3 Beta? Just consider buying second full v2 one. ))

Hmmm, that’s an interesting thought. I already own version 2 from way back, so that thought hadn’t occurred to me. You’re saying that if I rebuy version 2, the latest version unlocks the Beta so I don’t get the expiration warning any longer?

Nothing unlocks the beta as there is neither a place or a key to be inserted. As it is stated on L&L’s website if anyone purchases the currently released version ‘1.9.16’ then when the beta is finally released those owners will be eligible for a free upgrade.

I used to be a programmer, too, and I deeply appreciate the approach this team is taking to the release.

One workaround to a missed beta deadline might be to set back the clock on your machine. I haven’t tested this out, but unless they are using file timestamps, it should work.

Wow! Another massive amount of fixes being noted. It looks like you’ve been very, very busy. And a month to test as well. It looks like great progress. Great job.