another wish list

Excuse me if these already exist in mac - im jostling between windows and mac versions and im loosing track of the different state of each version which is confusing.

  1. I wish i could easily move the positions of the windows around so:
    current fixed : binder editor inspector …but i want to be able to move them so i can do:
    editor - binder - inspector
    corkbrd - inspector -binder (etc)
    binder - inspector - editor … so the middle pain acts as a universal focus pane and not just an editor / corkboard / outliner focus pane.
    This will help where i find myself spending concentrated periods of time restructuring using binder GUI hierarchy or becoming heavily involved with labelling or synopsis cards for example. It also allows me to prioritise the focus of my preferred workspace when working with these kind of features.

  2. I wish for the possibility of all the window panes to detach and stack and float and universally resize so , in theory i can entirely re-arrange the scrivener GUI myself, including tool bars. Adobe CS Photoshop recently introduced this and its so utterly tranformative of the GUI experience. For scrivener, for example i constantly default to writing notes using the windows note app or the mac rtf app because in reality the project notes window is too small, to prescriptive , too placed, - i want total freedom to create visual chaos with my windows placement because it actually helps me create text.

  3. I need larger icons in the binder. It’s currently amazingly fiddly and like doing intermittent fine needle work. If i could increase the item size it would enable me to move stuff around so much more swiftly. A sliding magnify scale would swiftly allow for quick binder focus/defocus. I often have the configuration of split editor with two separate docs and constant dipping in and out of the binder to create new folders, files and repositioning of items. It’s a major point of contact and my preferred visual diagram of the growing work structure. I need it to stop being like im suddenly doing fine needle work tapestry and much easier / swifter a focus space for moving stuff around in. I think this is visual problem as much as anything else.

  4. I constantly have to work by going in and out of menus. So for example - highlighter - in and out of the menu - lists - in and out of the menu - labelling - in and out of menus - i’d like to see many more function-able toolbar buttons for these kind of activities. To add to this, an idea taken from Adobe C S - ‘Bridge’ application, which has the ability to configure, save and access multiple GUI workspaces at the same time - each one geared for a different kind of focus activity. So for example with regards the application in scrivener of the same feature, a labelling and sorting orientated GUI ; a draft writing / GUI, a structure organising orientated GUI etc. In Adobe Bridge, which is succulently, very similar to scrivener in design - but for photos - this can easily be achieved and infinite GUI workspace configurations can be saved through workspace template & customisation options. Each workspace created is then easily accessible via both buttons and menus so the change in GUI workspace focus is always only one click away. At the moment, i find in scrivener i have to do an awful lot of opening and closing and re-opening window panes, hiding and showing rulers , headers, footers and dragging window pane edges around and then constantly finding useful set ups that have to be abandoned again or else made to pre-dominate over everything.

This total approach to GUI flexibility, is to me, the last remaining absence from scrivener .

thanks for listening


And would you like to pay Adobe prices for it?

Perhaps this could be re-posted:

DONE! :smiley:

I’m reasonably certain that if you go to the Customize Toolbar menu option (can’t recall which top-level menu item it’s under), you can add the highlighter. As for Labels, they’re right there in the inspector, or I believe in a CTRL-click/right-click menu. (Sorry, I’m not at my mac now, so can’t be sure of everything here).

If you want even quicker access to something, or don’t have a button to add to the toolbar for it, you can always use the built-in Mac System Preferences Keyboard settings to create keyboard shortcuts for Scrivener that don’t already exist.

As for turning Scrivener’s interface into a bunch of palettes as in Photoshop, that was Keith’s original design choice, I believe. And I for one am VERY glad that he decided against it.

I second that. People very often ignore older users with not so good eyes.
Remember that a large percentage of writers are older than 50.