Antidote is not working on scrivener beta


Antidote is the best french dictionnary, and now, also an excellent english one. My favorite part of it is being able to see any repetitions in the text. I read you did not plan to make it compatible with Scrivener 3 for windows, but if you want to do a similar version of the scrivener for mac, then you should. Here is a link that shows that Antidote is working on scrivener 3 for mac:

My problem is that I lose the italic when I copy from Words to Scrivener (after I had to compile, then corrected the text in Words with Antidote). That is very unconvenient… I so love Scrivener, because it motivates me to write, but when I have to still work in Words, it just gives me the feeling that Scrivener is not helping me, it’s like an extra step that makes me waste time…

I use windows 10, beta 64-bit

I notice many “Scrivener 2” screens, but no “Scrivener 3” screens, in that link.

It says Scrivener 2, but the icon is for Scrivener 3. I suspect that the person who created the screenshots had installed Scrivener 3 while “Scrivener” already existed in the Applications folder, causing Finder to rename the “duplicate” application. Easily fixed, but certainly confusing.


I don’t know if I should open an other thread about “Scrivener for Windows not compatible with Antidote 10”.

Antidote contacted you (Scrivener) but you could not reach an agreement for the development of a connector. I was suggested to write on this forum, but it seems a lost cause.

Are you going to make another attempt to reach an agreement?

I would also really like to know the answer to that…
I know so many writers that use Antidote to correct their text. This is the best French corrector, and it can also be use in English since the few last versions. Scrivener + Antidote would be paradise for me! :smiley: