Any alternative to manual sync?

So far it seems that whenever I’m done editing on my iPhone, I have to make sure I always go back to the projects screen (top level menu) and sync. If I don’t, the sync doesn’t happen automatically, and when I go to edit on my Mac, the changes aren’t there.

Is there something I’m missing? Is sync supposed to happen automatically? (I can’t find a way to turn that on.)

Don’t get me wrong—I love having sync available, and I don’t mind DropBox at all. But I’m using to things in my unified-Apple-device universe like Pages, Numbers, MS Office, Things, Clear, OmniFocus, Photos, etc. sync automatically. … automatic-

No, you’re not missing anything. You have to save your changes before you leave the Scrivener app on your iPhone.

Derick’s link provides the full explanation (and very important reasons) for this.

I’ve turned on the “Sync Projects on Close” option. So the sync happens as soon as I return to the projects list. Not quite as automatic as OP asked for, but it means I never have to hit the sync button on iOS as long as I keep in the habit of returning to the projects list.

Using this option seems like a no-brainer to me so maybe there’s a downside I’m not noticing.


That sounds great—so where is this setting? I can’t find it anywhere.

Thanks! I did not know all this.

In iscriv, settings (the gear icon)>Show App Settings, then in iOS settings for scrivener, look in syncing.

Ummm…this is not making any sense. Are you on Windows or something? I don’t know what “iscriv” is. Is that a different Windows program? Or an iOS program? I’m using a program called “Scrivener” on my iPhone.

“iscriv” is shorthand some users have adopted for Scrivener for iOS, based on Apple’s tendency to prefix everything with “i.”

OK, I think I found it:

On the iPhone, from the iPhone Desktop: Settings, the major (long) list of apps, Scrivener, Syncing & Sharing, Sync Projects on Close, choose one of the three options.

On the iPhone, from inside the Scrivener application: (you must) open a project (but then you can be anywhere in it), gear icon at bottom left, Show App Settings, Syncing & Sharing, Sync Projects on Close, choose one of the three options.

@ random_pattern : Right. I guess it’s important for us to remember to specify whether we’re referring to an iPad or iPhone, since it appears there are differences in the interface. I have both but have not really used the iPhone version of Scrivener for iOS (there I tried spelling it out, but that’s quite a workout :laughing:)

If you are looking at the binder of any project in iScriv (which also has Recents and Bookmarks), there’s a gear icon. Tapping that will show a new screen with “Show App Settings” at the bottom. Tapping on that will take you directly to the same place as navigating to the iOS “Settings” application and locating Scrivener in that list.

Downside: If you want to pop out of one project and quickly dip into another to reference something, then quickly return to the first project, it’s tedious to have to wait for the sync when you return to the projects list. There’s no reason to turn it off if you don’t find it annoying though.

The iScriv abbreviation is most helpful when also talking about the Mac or Windows versions; it gets very confusing if you don’t specify that you’re talking about MacScriv’s “Preferences” settings, as opposed to WinScriv’s “Options” settings or iScriv’s App “Settings”. The differences in the interface from iPhone 6 (or smaller), iPhone 6+, and iPads are less significant, except for where icons in the interface are placed (as I’ve recently learned).