Any bright suggestions for Dropbox...


So I use Scrivener on my iPhone and I also like to use it on my Windows laptop, they’re synced with Dropbox and it’s fine except I also use Dropbox for work on the same Windows laptop and it’s cumbersome to keep logging in and out of Dropbox… I can’t sign into more than one Dropbox account…

Anyone have any bright ideas for an alternative for this to sync my writing to? I can’t change using Dropbox for work but perhaps you guys have some suggestions of how to make this less annoying?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can share a folder with another dropbox account. … ith-others

I’ve done this with my wife in the past – any changes she made to that folder were reflected on my dropbox and vice-versa. I believe that the shared folder counts toward your quota on the “shared-with” account as well as the originating account.

Omg yes!!! Great and simple, thank you so much!!!