Any comicbook writers out there?

Am I the only one using Scrivener? It occurred to me that I may be and, if I am, I guess I am forging the path to using Scrivener to outline/reseach/draft a comic book series.

Actually, I know of one other person using Scrivener to storyboard comics. There was a thread that popped up here.


Yepp. I love Scrivener for writing comic scripts. It allmost feels like if it was ment only to help with comic script writing.

I tend to use the corkboard view, set up one page for each real page in the comic with a short description on what happening on each page. Then, when I got the whole thing mapped out, I go back and figure out how many panels each page needs and start writing. Usually I tend to add a page here or there but I think that the first steps is a big help and something to lean on when I get to the writing phase.

But, I mainly use it to write short stories. But comic scripts are more direct I think, I can focus on the story and with a few short words set the mood or scene for each panel.

I’m a former comic book writer. Does that count? My first completed novel is based on my comic book. Does that count?

That’s pretty much how I got started with the whole ‘need to write’ thing. It has continues to shape how I work. Definitely interested in hearing more of what other people are doing with Scrivener (truly a gift from the Goddess) in this genre.

Actually, since this topic was originally started, quite a few working comics writers have turned on to Scrivener - many of them thanks to my own evangelising efforts, I’m pleased to say :wink:

Since Keith introduced modifiable script styles and style-specific autocomplete, I’ve used Scriv for every comic I write - which comes to around 500pp in that time frame - and the other comics guys I know who’ve started using it probably account for another 300-400pp in the last few months alone.

One creator at a time, Scriv is slowly taking over comics. Which is nice :slight_smile: