Any good resources for 1970s fashion?

I’m writing a book set in New York in the nineteen seventies. I guess other than movies from the period, I’m trying to get a more detailed feel for the fashion of that time. Unless I’m looking in the wrong places, Google doesn’t seem to be turning up a great deal. Does anyone know of any good books/resources that shows and talks about the clothes of that era?

This exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum just closed:

Might be worth seeing if you can find the exhibition catalog in a library? I’m sure you can purchase it through their museum store, but it’s not just the 1970s so it might be too much money for not enough usefulness.


I recall having collections of photographs, sorted by decade. Maybe have a look there. Though any given picture may be an anomaly; I remember researching St. Louis in the early 20th century, and finding a milk delivery wagon pulled by zebras. That wasn’t exactly common. :stuck_out_tongue:

The library of congress might also be of use:

Find a thrift store or a slightly shabby used bookstore with stacks of old magazines, and load up on appropriate titles from the era, from Vogue and Cosmo to Tiger Beat and Crawdaddy.

Oh yeah, Magazines!

Also, there are these places called “Libraries”, house books, magazines, photo archives, etc… and are staffed by well-educated people who are good at assisting people with research in a variety of fields. This is where a Librarian can be extraordinarily helpful–just ask them for help in identifying resources that will be of help to you. In my town, there are a number of library branches and historical foundations whose purpose is to give the general public access to historical documents, which include fashion magazines.

You may want to try;
Watching some movies or tv shows from the seventies-crime shows to talk shows even game shows can be found on Hulu
Google events, celebrities from that era and look at images Ex: Studio 54, Star Wars opening, etc

My closet, har har (I’m old) Seriously, look up Dittos jeans, midi tops that look like baby clothing, spandex shirts that snap at the crotch, Gunny Sax dresses, old ads for "Casual Corner"stores, look up what a jersey “sizzle dress” is - put that together and you will have a working /middle class girl from 1975.

I’m surprised no one has recommended yet. You can set filters according to decade and enjoy a blast from whichever past you like. Movies, music, TV commercials, toys…it’s all in there.