Any great scomp files? :-)

Hi All. I’m pretty new to this but have searched with the term “scomp” in the iOS area and read the posts there. Also I’ve read through the scomp help that you get when clicking the “?” in the appearance editor and tried a few things.

I noticed that over the years since the iOS version was released, that various people have been looking to rely fully on iOS for a full workflow to publish on print and KDP (I know about the Pages route.)

So, wondered if anyone had cracked it?! If so, would be good to know what you did. Also, if anyone has any great examples of scomp files they’ve created that worked well (or close) for print or ebook?



What is a scomp file? :flushed:

.Scomp files are custom compile settings for iOS Scriv.

See Importing compile formats in iOS app

Hi Bob,

Besides reading the .scomp help, I haven’t done any experimentation with iOS compile, as I do all that in Desktop scriv. So I can’t help you directly with that.

You mentioned searching through the message forum, but in case you didn’t see it, L&L has a Knowledge Base article on tweaking iOS compile settings: Customising Compile Settings on iOS / iOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

Also, a quick google of ‘“scomp” scrivener’ yielded a page that discussed how that writer incorporated iOS Scriv’s compile into his workflow. This other page is more of a tutorial, with a video.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any sites with more a detailed tips & tricks approach. But hopefully you find some of this info useful.


Thanks Jim - yup saw all that. I’d just wondered if anyone had actually gone all the way to publish ready with a great format - looks like not.