Any hints on coming 3.0 features...

Putting the drama of the latest update aside, I was wondering if there will be any updates to the Windows Scrivener GUI in version 3.

I like Scrivener, and have used it for two novels, but I really wish it had tabbed windows, darker themes, even more modern dialogue boxes.

Yes, I know how much of it is customizable, but is something more contemporary coming? Something easier on the eyes? I always feel like I’m using a program from Windows 98 when I use it.

Personally, I liked the look of ipad version. It’s light, clean and minimalistic, nothing to distract from the task at hand. If a hypothetic new interface looked something like Scrivener for ipad or, say, Ulysses, it would’ve been more than fine with me. :slight_smile: However, if designing a new GUI would detract the developers from working on the features, I’d say leave it as it is now. It’s not all that important, come to think of it.

Well, if you trawl through the forums, you’ll find that KB has dropped a number of snippets of information, including:

  • styles as opposed to presets (though not fully cascading styles)
  • the UI redesigned and simplified in some places as a result of having to think through the UI for the iOS version
  • a redesigned and simplified UI for Compile

I think he posted a couple of screen shots a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t tell you where. But that’s about it.


Thanks. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

As far as IOS, and Ipads, I spent years on Macs with FCP and Nuendo and also had an iPhone, but happily left it all behind. Personal preference, that’s all.

I have a feeling Scrivener’s still going to look like a Mac program ported to PC. But it gets the job done.

I know this is not a favorite topic but as we are approaching the one-year-since-update for Windows I would love to be at least teased…

Part of the look and feel for a UI comes from the framework being used – which is partly why Scrivener 1.x for Windows feels like a legacy Win32 app, as it is based on Qt4. We can hope the UI elements provided in Qt5 are a bit more modern.

Modernising the interface with the Windows 10 look in mind is what we’re doing for the upgrade. We are at times constrained by the toolkit and its internal “theme”, but we hope that the overall result will be fresh and appealing nonetheless.

For another viewpoint… all I want in Windows Scrivener (that I don’t already have) is the ability to track changes. That’s it. I really hope the upgrade to getting what Mac users already have isn’t being delayed by an emphasis on eye candy.

That said, I loooooove Scrivener and appreciate all that you programmers have already done.

Mac users don’t have track changes … they have “Revision Mode”, which is not the same.



Well, so long as you are not referring to Microsoft’s proprietary feature which we have no plans to support—yeah, there are two tools in fact that Scrivener for macOS uses to show you where you’ve been and where you are: revision mode is one, as mentioned, where your additions are marked in a defined colour; the second is the ability to retroactively compare, with visual markings, any snapshot with the current text or another snapshot. I use a mixture of the two methods, depending on the phase of the project.

Any possibly of either one of those features in the upcoming release? I’ve thought about turning my PC into the Hackintosh to get them…

Yes indeed, as noted elsewhere perhaps, one of the big goals of Windows 3.0 is for there to no longer be any substantial feature difference between Mac and Windows. That’s part of why it has taken a while—it’s not only catching up to what the Mac version was, but what it will be, which is itself a product of years of design and coding that even Mac users haven’t even seen yet. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome to hear. Looking forward to the update!

For anyone that missed it:

3 - That’s the Magic Number

As usual Windows users come last … never lose some money for the new MacOS release. Say Scrivener 3 is the first paid upgrade in 6 years … To Windows users you should give it as you’ve treated them all this time. I was looking for Scrivener for Windows update mail to fix at least the problem with high resolution screens. You answered me to wait until March 2017. Now let’s wait for the 2018 unlimited and pay as well. Too bad that there is no other software to replace, at least not now, but I’m sure I will not be a beta tester free of charge for those who want a pay-per-upgrade. Do not deserve it

L&L have always been up-front about the state of Scrivener on Windows, and the reasons why; that we only have to wait a few months for effectively five years of cross-platform catch-up is a big accomplishment. Giving us the opportunity to beta the Windows version in tandem with the Mac release seems like the best of all possible worlds – more eyes on a project with very limited resources, plus compatibility with the OSX version for those who use both. It’s a sensible decision, IMHO, and definitely not ‘Windows users coming last’.

Well, sure Windows users come last, but only because in a group of two, the one that is second is last. It’s not like there are fifty OSs being developed for and Windows users only get catered to after every one of the other forty-nine have been placated. We’re getting Scrivener 3.0. It’s going to be close to equivalent to the Mac version. Be happy about it.

giogio80 does make a point worth considering: being a beta tester (which is a lot of work if it’s done right) for free and then having to pay the full upgrade price for the software does seem a little hard. Perhaps it might be reasonable to offer the beta testers a discount (as a non-tester, I wouldn’t be offended in the least).

It might be even more reasonable if Scrivener weren’t so ridiculously cheap in the first place. $40 US (current new-purchase price) for an unlimited license for software this complex is, IMHO, peanuts, chicken feed–it’s feeding peanuts to your chickens. (Sorry for the Americanisms!)

I will say that having the update now postponed until sometime in 2018 is not welcome news. Let’s hope things go more smoothly than they expect!

Hi David,

In all fairness, it cannot be said that the Windows update has been postponed, because a release date was never stated. :smiley:

In another post, Keith had mentioned that Windows 3.0 would most likely be released about 6 months behind the Mac version, so L&L has been trying to manage our expectations.

Hope this doesn’t come across as nitpicking, but I used to develop software and am sensitive to that word!

Why does it matter if the Windows version comes after the Mac version? Some Mac programs aren’t even available for Windows, and vice versa.