Any news on new features coming to Scrivener 3 for Windows?

Title says it all, really.

Options to customise the toolbar?

Options to change the typewriter scrolling location (with Mac can already do)?

Options to have images as the background instead of a block colour in the main editor?

Options to change/enlarge icon size in the binder?

A thesaurus that works (‘related words’ option is, politely, unusable)?

Anything else?

I know Scapple is getting some love, but is there a clue as to what’s next for S3 Windows users?

Already there.


Have no idea.

Already there.

No plans. Use third party tools.

Bug fixes. Version 3 is already out and has been for some time.

Thanks for the reply.

You say customising the the main toolbar is already doable? How? I right click and all I get is an option not to see it. I can’t, e.g., add buttons to it that I can see.

Binder icon sizes? Where? Nothing in the ‘options’ to change the size, only the spacing.

Thesarus? Is there anything which integrates with Scrivener 3 for Windows so I don’t need to swap out of what I’m writing and (possibly) lose my train of thought?


I’m not at my PC so can’t answer your other questions, but in v3 you customize the Main and Formatting toolbars via View > Customize.

Customise toolbar is in a menu and not a context right-click menu, and also not in the options menu? Okay. Unless I’m missing something, it’s not so much a ‘customise’ option as the option to just add/remove basic formatting buttons. Guess one more thing to wait to see if it ever happens. Yes, I can live without it, but it does seem quite primitive and non-intuitive compared to other programs in this regard.

Okay, now I’m at my PC.

I believe you’re missing something.

Press View > Customize Toolbar.

Select Main Toolbar:

This is where you customize the Main Toolbar.

Select Format Toolbar:

This is where you customize the Format Toolbar.

This is not a new feature. It’s how Customize Toolbar has worked since the release of Windows Scrivener v3. It worked the same way in Windows Scrivener v1, except the menu option was under Tools menu, not View.

This was your original question. Instructions above are how you do so. If you meant something else by “Options to customise the toolbar?”, please provide more specific details.


Customising toolbar - as in adding more buttons to the toolbar, e.g., a centred horizontal line rather then inset > horizontal line > centred. Not possible. Got it.

Still not clear how to change the size of binder icons.

This sounds like a Wish List request. Extrapolating from your example it seems that you’re looking for a way to create a toolbar button from any available menu item. Is that correct?

Neither am I.