any news on Windows 3 version?

I’m anxiously awaiting the new version 3 for Windows. The last I heard, it was promised by the end of this month, August, 2019. Is this still true?


Yup. They’re missing the deadline. Again.

If they’d just get their act together and release Windows and Mac OS updates at the same time they wouldn’t have this issue.

There is really only one way this “getting their act together” could be accomplished: by charging a price for Scrivener that is what it is actually worth, say 5 times what they’re currently charging. Then they could hire a large programming shop and be more responsive to customers. You know, like Microsoft. Or Adobe.

And? I end up paying that anyway because lots of bigger programs like that have 5 device licenses, whereas Scrivener doesn’t.

Either way, it’s bad business and a bad habit to keep missing deadlines over and over and over.

Really the solution is actually very simple anyway. Finish a Mac update, don’t release it until the Windows update is complete, and keep hush hush about updates. That’s what most companies do. If they think they’re keeping customers by promising updates, it’s not working. At least not for me. I’m earnestly looking for replacements, and I’m not doing too shabby so far. I hate that I have to look for replacements but Scrivener is behind the times in a lot of respects. I can’t use Scrivener on my Surface. I know it’ll take them ten years to get around to making it work for a Surface, so why stick around?

I’d rather pay 5 times more and actually have crap fixed than waiting 5-10 years for things to get done.

Huh? Sure we do. You can use Scrivener on as many devices (of the same platform) as you personally own and control. … -agreement


I’m sorry, but that is a load of tripe, or as we say down this way, Total Bulls.i.

‘can’t use on Surface’. I know of a number of users with Scrivener running perfectly on x86 Surface devices, so don’t know what your issue is.

You don’t come close to paying the same as the Scrivener license covers all devices on that platform in your household, so in theory you could have more than 5 for a fraction of what the big companies would charge for an inferior program (for our specific use). They also give a generous 30 actual days trial. Try getting anything close to that with MS or Adobe. They also don’t charge a monthly rental like some.

As for the rubbish about finishing Mac development and keeping it quiet for two years while they do a complete new build on Win, get real.

Yes Win V3 development has taken longer than we and no doubt L&L would have liked, but if you’re that p.ssed off and are ‘not doing too shabby’ on finding anything that comes close, go elsewhere with the alternative, but spare us the ‘5-10 years’ of diatribe. (My personal opinion and not claiming to speak for L&L)

It’s not going to speed up the development insulting the L&L team, or get you any special favors.

Huh. I’ve used Scrivener on both my Surface Pro 1 and Surface Pro 3. What super-secret Surface x64 (they’re all 64-bit devices, except for the Surface RT and Surface 2 RT, so they are x64 and not x86) do you have that doesn’t work with Scrivener?

Now, if you’re trying to use it via the tablet interface…you’re out of luck, because it’s not optimized for it, and it probably won’t be until such time as they start working on the Android UI and can back port some of the relevant changes to the Windows UI. But even then, it’s meant to be on par with Mac Scrivener, and Apple in their infinite wisdom doesn’t put touch screens on Macs, so Mac Scrivener doesn’t have to optimize for a touch interface.

But here’s the thing – NOBODY promised you Scrivener for Windows ever would.

I used X86 as the generic for Intel/AMD processors as opposed to any other architecture (ARM in this case)

In fact the X64 was originally called X86-64.

Right. For touch.

Also I don’t care what they promised. I care what they don’t do. That’s what keeps them behind and what will ultimately push them out of the game. Like…oh look. Now. Because I can’t use it on my Surface.

Being nice never did either. I don’t care anymore. I’m pissed off and fed up. I want this to work, bad, but if you missed it I AM looking for alternatives. Key word being looking. I still want L&L to get their act together because that would be preferable.

My bad. I was thinking of across platform. I’d still rather pay 5 times as much and have them work well instead of limping along.

‘My bad. I was thinking of across platform. I’d still rather pay 5 times as much and have them work well instead of limping along.’

Well, why pay five times as much when for 3 fees you can have versions that work brilliantly across all 3 platforms. Last time I looked with MS you had to pay 5 times as much for EACH platform, and Adobe was as much as 1 Scrivener licence Each month.

L&L have their act together providing perfectly functional versions across the platforms. V3 for Win will just be ‘that much better’ when it releases shortly.

I don’t know where you get the ‘limping’ bit from. So you don’t get touch on Surface which isn’t in the spec. It still works exactly as advertised on Win (even Surface), Mac and iOS and synchs painlessly between the 3.

So you ‘AM’ looking for alternatives. Suggests you haven’t found anything that comes close to Scrivener, even from the likes of MS, Adobe, Google etc who have 10’s even 100’s of $ millions to throw at a program…

Seems authors who work (instead of complaining how ‘pissed off’ they are) have no problems putting out great work with Scrivener regardless of version or platform.

I haven’t found a replica, no. But Nebo I may very well end up using permanently. (It’s an $8 app, by the way…)

That still doesn’t mean that Scrivener doesn’t have fatal flaws for me personally. And that still doesn’t mean L&L isn’t falling down on the job in many respects. As is evidenced by the fact that I’m not the only one t’d off. Again. And yes missing deadlines for years is limping.

You can’t argue me into being happy with this situation, so I don’t know why you’re trying. Be a loyalist if you want but you’re wasting your breath. It’s like you’re personally insulted…

Also, please mind your own business about how I spend my time. It is mine to spend and that has nothing to do with this. Besides, at this point I’m happy to let them know I’m ticked. So stop telling me to shut up and fall in line, please.

Well, that’s odd. There are 3 or 4 of us at my regular writer’s group who all use Surfaces of various generations, and we’re all using Scrivener.

Nobody is telling you to shut up or not be happy. But wailing about it over and over like a middle school drama class in the forums is doing nothing but wasting everyone else’s time. You waste our time, you’re voided the right to complain about our comments about how you spend your time.

If you’re really that pissed off, email them. At least then it will go directly to the right people – and you may even get a response – rather than this public circus Trumpery.

Not really. It sounds like you’re using it as a computer. Not a tablet. I use it as a tablet. For what I do I can’t be flipping back and forth between using the keyboard and using my pen/touch. As you said no one promised it to be optimized to touch…as obvious as a development as that should have been… :neutral_face:

If they optimize it for pen/touch and make it not run so slow, I will forget my other gripes, but for now it remains unusable for me.

I’m just sick and tired of people more or less demanding I agree. If you’d all let me have my opinion then we wouldn’t still be talking. You’re wasting your time, not me. How you spend your time is your choice. You can respond to me, or ignore me. I will have my opinion regardless.

So please, how about we stop this now. I’ will have my opinion and you can have yours. If you respond, I will respond, but I propose we stop this now.

Why is that so obvious, though? Mac laptops and desktop systems don’t have touch screens, so Scrivener for MacOS doesn’t have touch support. Scrivener for Windows has been working diligently to catch up on a multi-year headstart to bring it in to feature parity with the MacOS version. Like it or not, they’re not designed for touch as one of the basic requirements.

Why should the developers set an artificial priority on making critical UI changes that will only result in keeping the Mac and Windows versions even further forked for something that, again, only a very small vocal minority have asked for, rather than stay on target and get the Windows version to where the Mac version is (all while taking abuse from every punter along the way)?

Hell, even the people who use Scrivener for iOS on their iPhones and iPads spend a lot of time talking about the physical keyboards they use. It’s not uncommon for people who are using a writing program to, y’know, use a keyboard and mouse.

Okay, I’m taking this as you want to continue the discussion. Just remember that you guys are the one who started talking to me. Lol. Not the other way around.

I use the outliner in Scrivener more than anything else and have more than once now forgotten out of the mere fact that all apps support touch that Scrivener doesn’t support touch and nearly lost or deleted crucial items in my outline. I use touch over the mousepad even when I am using my keyboard because it’s (usually) easier.

And it is obvious because masses amounts of Windows desktops are now tablets.

Also, I do copy and paste writing into Scrivener often, because I often write in a handwriting app. I’ve since stopped doing that and switched to Word because I keep accidentally selecting text when I mean to scroll and then end up moving the text to god knows where.

It’s exhausting. It’s much easier to use Word at this rate, which frustrates me because I do love Scrivener. I’ve been using it for 7 years. :cry:

So all that frustration you see here? Have some pity. I’m broken up about it. That’s why I’m so frustrated. I am trying to give Scrivener one last shot with the release buuut of course they don’t even have it out yet, again, which is just salt in the wound. I for some reason have been thinking that official release will fix this, but, well, what am I really thinking…

From my standpoint, they seem very much like they’re not on top of things.