Any other Germans around here?

Just wondering if any other Germans are here on this forum? SY

Serenius Zeitbloom is, but I don’t know if he hangs out down here.

Not if they’ve a gramme of sense, they’re not!

Lol, why? I am German and have started to hang around here a bit and so far me likes it here :wink: SY

Junge fräulein Yates an bord der alten Piratenschiff, Scrivener Willkommen … re=related

SY…how best to put this? Having joined Scrivener’s crew, your writing career will oscillate betwixt the, becalming, of writer’s block, and the, floundering, of debilitating, addictive procrastination. Your first serious mistake was joining the crew in the first place…a motley collection of mountebanks; ner’ do ‘ell; miscreants; deadbeats; no-hopers; comma abusers; atrocious spellers, and nihilists.

Your second mistake, was to engage with this mob, on Scrivener’s lower deck…’And Now For That Latte’ forum. It is here that you will find the greatest concentration of the worst elements of the deviationists mentioned above. We, the feline members of the ships complement, keep, where/whenver possible, to ourselves, engaging with the human element only when absolutely necessary…invariably, a dispiriting event.

Standards of interaction between the humans, tend to hover between gutter level and the sewer.

No matter how heartrending the pleading and entreating…DO NOT offer to lend any of them money.

Welcome aboard SY


I’m not the only member of this forum, you know.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Of course not, young Master Sin, of course not, but you do fit in nicely, don’t you? And, you appear to be very much at home here. It’s a sad and incontrovertible fact of life, Master Sin, that the role models for the young, in this day and age…leave an awful lot to be desired. Unfortunately, those most ill equipped for the task, seem to consider Scrivener, asafe and adequate anchorage.

Sadly, Fräulein Yates has made her bed…she’ll now have to lie in it.
Take care Master Sin

'nother german here too, sorry Fluff :wink: And yes, I know what you mean ^^.

Not at all, Herr Philipp, not at all :smiley:. All shades and persuasions, are welcome aboard Scrivener. In truth, Man’s interstellar quest for bizarre new lifeforms, need travel no further than Scrivener’s lower decks, or indeed, all of her decks. Of course, unlike, Fräulein Yates, none of this will come as a surprise to you, since you are a relatively old hand aboard the leaky old bucket.

I do hope it doesn’t come as a shock to the young lady, when she discovers, that once a member of the crew, the only way to leave the ship is:Do take care, Herr Philipp,

:mrgreen: I will of course treat her with my utmost gallant respect, as I do with all maiden, jawoll!

Oh dear! Once again, the propensity of the human species for seeing only that which it wants to see, strikes again. Herr Philipp, I bade you take care of yourself…


…I would also point out, that many of the young females of your species, in order to stay fit and trim, practice the martial arts to an astonishing degree of proficiency. I would stress that I wrote: martial arts, not marital arts.
Do take care, Herr Philipp,

Same thing…init? :confused: