Any Updates to Scriv for Mac/Win needed for syncing iOS version?

As the topic states, will our versions of scrivener on Windows/Mac need an update to work with iOS Scriv?

Are those changes already in play?

I usually use the Mac version, but that was primary]ily because the Windows version couldn’t sync to my iPad as easily?

With the launch of IOS, are we getting feature parity between win and Mac Scriv? Are they both fully compatible with iOS and syncing now?

Sorry if this was answered elsewhere.

Scrivener 2.8 for the Mac was released today; a Windows update will be released early next week, before the iOS version is out. You will need these versions to work with the iOS version.

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Good to know when the windows version will be released :smiley:

And I think it’s a good idea as well as practice, to stagger releases like Lit&Latte are doing. At least from a Customer service and support point of view. That way no one is overwhelmed once the product has moved from beta into the wild.

Excellent, thanks!

Hi Keith,

Will the Windows update be today still or will this be on Tuesday? Scrivener keeps telling me I’m up-to-date. :slight_smile:


Jennifer tells me the Windows folk are hoping to get it out later today/tonight.

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Oh, that’s double good news. Getting an update, plus knowing that MM is still with the Scrivener team. Katherine does a super job on the Windows forums, and Ioa always, but Jennifer is much missed.

Cheers – Jerome

Is it safe to assume these updates will break compatibility with the last Linux release?

Edit: damn you Chrome auto-correct

Has the windows update been released? Scrivener tells me I am up to date.

The Windows update was released seconds ago.

I just read email am so excited this is going to be available

I believe, but could be wrong, that while you have to use the latest Scrivener for Word or Mac to sync the updates with Scrivener for iOS, once it’s been synced into a desktop version the resulting project would still be compatible with Scrivener for Linux 1.9.

Can someone from L&L keep me honest?

For the record, it’s not a complaint - an honest question.

If it breaks Linux support for newer formats, so be it.

I just want to know if it’s time to formally remove Scrivener for Linux from my workflow.

Hmm… Four days later and “Check for Updates” is still reporting that I have the latest version for Mac: 2.7

A problem with Sparkle? Download directly?

Chris - The last Linux version is compatible with the Windows 1.9.5 and macOS 2.8 versions, it just cannot itself work directly with iOS-created or edited projects. One note on this, though, the Windows version did make some adjustments to font encoding in order to work smoothly with iOS (and macOS), which could affect formatting on your projects going back to Linux. I would make a backup copy of the project during each stage of the cycle to check on how this will go for your particular project, in case you need to experiment a bit with the fonts. If you’re not editing the files on Windows 1.9.5 but just using it as a way to pass changes between Linux and iOS, it may not matter (although you’ll still be facing the font challenge between Linux and iOS, which could likewise have some quirks). The trick, if you’re running into trouble, is probably going to be to use a font (the same one on all the platforms) that has an identical PostScript name and font family name. Trebuchet and Verdana I think both fit that bill and are available on at least iOS and Windows.

Peter - Have you restarted the computer? That might do it. (An oldie but a goodie!) Otherwise, yes, you can always just download directly from the site to replace your current version.

Jerome - Aw, thanks! :slight_smile: I’m still here, just busy away from the forums. I need clones. (An army of clones. A loyal army of clones that obeys my every whim. Yes!)