Any way to change the cursor size or colour in Compose mode?

when in compose mode I find the cursor really difficult to spot, especially if I’m working on my laptop in bright light. Even if I move the cursor about I still can’t see it, and have to move it to the top of the screen to reveal the menu bar, then I have a better chance of finding it.

I understand this may be something dictated by the OS not Scrivener, but I was just wondering, are there any settings to alter the size or colour of the cursor to make it more visible?

Note, this is mostly just a problem in compose mode, as there tends to be more white areas in the other views (and the cursor often becomes an easy-to-see arrow). Also, I have a darker page background in compose mode which hides the cursor still further.

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System Preferences / Accessibility / Display - there’s a cursor size slider which can make it pretty huge, but you will have to change it back out of Composition Mode (it might be worth keeping System Preferences open to save time).

Please ignore. I cross-posted from elsewhere in regard to insertion point.
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Scrivener > Preferences > Editor > “Disable insertion point blinking” and “Use block insertion point of ? pixels” to set the width that suits you!



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Thanks, but I’m in and out of Composition Mode quite a bit - might get a bit wearing - I’ll have a try though.

Cheers, but it’s the mouse cursor that I find hard to see not the insertion point. :slight_smile: