Any way to create a link that doesn't require 3 clicks?


When I create a link it makes it so that I have to click it once to select it, then again to change the cursor to a little hand, then a third time to open the link. I would like to create links that you just click once, or double-click to open. Something easy.

The idea is to have a top-level map with links to the subsidiary maps so I can navigate around the whole thing easily. Any way to do this?

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No, there isn’t a good way of doing that, that we have found. It’s a very technical answer, but think of this way: when a note isn’t being edited it is not text, and the blue stuff with an underline is not a link, it is closer in fact to a screenshot of these things. You cannot click on a screenshot of a link to open it, so the same applies in this case.

I like your concept of master and subsidiary maps with one click access!

I just incorporated this into a Scrivener project in under a minute and now have one click access and the ability to open multiple (actual) maps at a time for comparison! Thank you for the idea!

IF you also use Scrivener… just link the subsidiary maps with bookmark links. (I’ve not tried this with Scapple images, but I understand they are compatible with Scrivener)

  1. create a new doc ‘subsidiary maps of …’ in the “special” notes/bookmarks folder and leave this new doc open in editor.
  2. (I’m using windows and have all my map images in Scrivener’s resource folder. This step will vary somewhat with Scapple images - I don’t know how drag/drop to create a working link direct from Scapple might be done - Maybe someone else could chime in?)
    In my case, I selected all my related maps in my resource folder in my binder and drag/dropped them onto the open doc to create the links.
  3. Select all the links in the bookmark doc > right click > open in > quick reference panel (QRP).
  4. Drag/drop the new doc onto either project bookmarks, or one or more document bookmarks.

Voila - If my bookmark is open - one click access to open QRPs of the subsidiariesü!

Bonus - because I also selected the master map, I can compare the master to the subsidiary maps in QRPs while working on something else , or open as many maps as needed as for comparison.

Thank you for the inspiration @Softy !