Any way to create links between projects?

I have a large book project for which I sometimes split out some of the content into a new project. Is there any way to create a link in one project that connects to a point in another project? There’s a post that says it’s possible on the Mac v. 3, I’m wondering if this is available yet in the beta.


It doesn’t appear possible yet. I was able to create a Scrivener link via Edit->Copy Special->Copy Document as External Link. I then pasted it into another project’s document bookmarks.

When I double-clicked on that link, it just gave me an error. It should have brought the other project to the front and taken me to the linked document within it. I can’t tell if the issue is with following the link to the project, or if the issue is with the formation of the link itself.

This is something we’ve been working on, and it’s almost good to go. At the moment I think you should be able to select an item and use the Edit ▸ Copy Special ▸ Copy Document as External Link menu command, and then paste the result of that into either the main editor or Document Notes field, of another project (or even the same one). It should also work in any other software that can trigger a link, too.

What does not work yet are triggering these links from Bookmarks. That should be fixed in the next beta. So for now keep the links in Notes if you want them in the sidebar. Once the Bookmarks area is done, you will not only be able to double-click to load, but drag and drop items from one binder into another project’s bookmark lists (rather than the whole copy URL, create new bookmark, type in name, tab, paste, routine).

Disclaimer: I haven’t tested the current public beta—it might be some of the above isn’t working yet. If that’s the case just wait for the next beta. :slight_smile:

rdale: by the way, what error message did you get? On my machine nothing happens, there is about a second where it looks like something is happening, but then nothing happens. When an external link works properly, it is instantaneous (assuming the target project is already open of course).

I got a pop-up window with “Open Reference” in the window’s title bar, and within the window “Reference Could Not Be Opened” followed by this text:

The reference could not be opened from the specified URL x-scrivener-item://c/Local/Dropbox/Work/MORT_FormFusion_Transcripts_master_document.scriv?id=2EEE14EB-0161-4970-8F93-32DF15BF3F81

The path is C:/Local/Dropbox/Work/ and the folder name for the .scriv project looks right too.

Interesting, for some reason I do not get an error like that, but the nature of the problem appears to be the same. If you look closely at the beginning of the URL, the drive letter has been changed from “C:” to “c”. So there was an automatic URL cleaning routine that needed to be worked around.