Any way to display full Binder titles (Binder title line break?)

When the titles of items in the Binder are longer than the width of the Binder window, the ends of the titles are cut off and the remainder appears as “…” such as:

  1. The search begins for the …

Yes, I can see the full title if I drag the Binder window wider, but that uses up too much space in the Editing view. Is there any way to display the full title by having it line break? Such as:

  1. The search begins for the
    missing children



There is no automatic wrap for the binder.
But if you hover a document, the full title appears after a second or so.

The Outline view can wrap titles.

I have two layouts. One with a narrow binder and one with a wide binder and switch back and forth with a shortcut if necessary.