Any way to get Scrivener to show PDF highlighting?

Hello, I have a PDF where I have highlighted text but the text highlighting is not showing when I view it within Scrivener. It does show if I open it in an external app from Scrivener. Is there a way of rectifying this bizarre behaviour?

I am using version 2.7 on Mavericks, by the way.

Which external program are you using? Not all of them highlight text in a way the PDF viewer will expect. For instance, during an unfortunate period of time a few years ago, Apple’s Preview application used a highlighting technique that rendered virtually invisible highlights in most programs other than Preview including, wait for it…, Apple’s very own PDF viewing technology (which Scrivener makes use of). If it was marked up during that period of time maybe that’s the problem. Another example is a popular external viewer, Skim. Great program, but its default method of saving annotations doesn’t touch the original PDF—which is all Scrivener has to work with.

What I would try doing is opening the PDF in Adobe Reader and see if you can see the highlights there, or do something with them to make them more obvious in Mac PDF readers.

I was using Preview. I played with it a bit more after reading your post and everything was working fine. All the highlights were showing. Not sure what was happening before. Thanks.