Any way to hyperlink a note to a section or folder in Scrivener?

Being able to quickly open a section would be helpful.

Yes indeed, refer to §10.1.6, External Links, in the Scrivener user manual PDF.

You guys are so awesome. Thank you.

Hello, I have additional questions about this topic.

I have gone to Scrivener and selected the document I want, selected Edit > Copy Special > Copy as External Link. Then I went to Scapple, selected the note I want to connect to the document, highlighted the text, pressed Ctrl + K, and pasted the link. The text turned blue and underlined like hyperlinks do. However, when I click on the link, Scrivener does not navigate to that document. It highlights orange in the task bar as if some change has been made, but nothing actually happens. Am I doing something wrong or misunderstanding?